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LinkedIn is full of useful information, but I’ve always found the interface to be cluttered and clunky. Looks like I wasn’t alone in that because they’ve just redesigned the profile page and it’s sweet. (Not that I’m taking credit for forcing a change but. . . . )

Glory be, the new format is not just one big block of text. Now they’re using well-defined boxes and colorful graphics to move your eye around the page. And as welcome as that is, it’s not just about good looks. One big change appears to be the ability to move sections around. In the current profiles, the Activity feed is to the right, but in the new version, you can make it the main section under your header. For someone like me, who sells content for a living, Activity is more important than Experience which is currently the most prominent section.

In poking around over there, I also found out that you can add specific sections such as a portfolio of your work, projects your involved in, even your Amazon reading list.

The Experience section (your resume) is now under a heading called Background and it’s supposed to help you “tell your professional story.” Looks like you’ll be able to add photos and other goodies. Hard to say from what they’re showing on the site right now.

In order to emphasis the “link” in LinkedIn, they’ve expanded the connections box in the sidebar to include a variety of insights. Now you’ll be able to sort your connections and viewers by company and other criteria.

With every passing day, LinkedIn gets a little more interesting and this new update has me hooked. I think I’ll sketch out some time this weekend to give my page over there a thorough scrubbing. Why don’t you join me and we can all be shiny and new together.

  • Marcelo Katz

    Hi Cinthia,
    I wonder which are the steps to follow so as to shift to the new look. On wondering that, I checked your own profile … and stills looks the classic oldie view.
    Can you please help me with that?
    Thank you.