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Break Media has just released a new report called “The Definitive Guide to Men.” When I saw it, I thought I’d finally get the answers to the questions I’ve had burning in my heart for years — sadly, it’s only about men as consumers. That’s good for you, the marketer, but not as helpful for me, the woman.

But let’s not dwell on my disappointment. Let’s see what we can learn from this intimate look at the buying behaviors of the American male.

Break surveyed 2,000 men and found that the major of them were striving to be a “good guy.” They’re interested in doing what’s best for their family and their friends. They were willing to give up career goals in order to be more of a family man and 55% said they’d like to be a stay-at-home dad but they feel pressured to be the major breadwinner.

When it comes to shopping, the men of this survey took pride in finding the “right” clothes, cars, and personal care products. 55% said they make an effort to have a unique style. They also showed evidence of brand loyalty once they discovered a high quality item that made them feel good about themselves.

How much influence do they have over household purchases? Take a look:

Clothes and electronics I get, but paper goods and wellness? Who knew guys were into stationary and aspirin!

Clearly, men see themselves in a different places than their fathers and grandfathers but are advertisers keeping up? The guys in this survey said they appreciate commercials that show men as good friends and good fathers. Proof that they can take a joke – they like the Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” ads.

Google Chrome is currently running a TV spot that feeds right into this vision of the modern man. It depicts a dad using Google tools to help his daughter make it through her freshman year blues. It’s a real tear-jerker and such a fresh take on the family.

Break Media has a ton of data to share and they’ll be offering it up free on a weekly basis. Bookmark The Acumen Report, or just keep reading MarketingPilgrim. I’ll keep you updated on any news you can use.