Would You Pay 50 Cents to Read This Post? Google Tests Micopayments for Content

People have always been happy to pay for newspaper and magazine subscriptions, as long as the words arrived printed on actual paper. Asking those same people to buy that same content in digital form is another story.

A few outlets have had success with paywalls on the majority of their content, but it’s hardly the norm. Now that tablet usage is increasing, digital magazine subscriptions are on the rise, but still, they usually come as a bonus when you get the printed matter in the mail.

Oddly, people are much more likely to purchase ebooks. In the UK, Amazon now sells more ebooks than print books, so why aren’t people buying short articles online?

PARODY: Are There Any Real Facebook Users?

The guys from the Joy of Tech site recently had a little fun with rethinking exactly how many of Facebook’s users are real accounts.

Hey, when you reach the one billion active users claimed mark which Facebook has recently announced, some might have a few questions.

If you can’t laugh at this stuff you probably should find another line of business, right?

AdWords Business Credit Rolls Out in UK With Full US Offer to Follow

Google is extending business credit in the form of the SMB targeted AdWords Business Credit program in the UK starting today.

The program has its roots in a trial to 1,400 US businesses and it will extend to the US in the future.

The Google Inside AdWords blog talks about AdWords Business Credit as follows

To make it easier for small businesses to pay for their AdWords campaigns and track their spending, last July we piloted AdWords Business Credit in the US, a credit card specifically for AdWords. More than 1,400 businesses from a variety of industries participated in the pilot — from Kuru Footwear to ‘Get Bats Out’ bat removal—and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. In a survey conducted after the pilot launched, 74% of respondents said they now use AdWords Business Credit as their primary form of AdWords payment.

New Tumblr Metrics Define the Power of the Reblog

The success of a blog is generally measured in terms of incoming traffic. Social media is all about outward traffic – how many people reTweeted your Twitter post or shared your post on Facebook. Tumblr is unique in that it combines these two elements – you want people to visit your Tumblr blog on a daily basis, but you also want them to share what they find there via a reblog button.

Reblogging is such an integral part of Tumblr, they’ve partnered with Union Metrics to provide custom analytics for blogs on their system.

Union Metrics for Tumblr reporting includes:

  • Post and note volume to show overall engagement levels and trends over time
  • Top contributors and curators to help identify key influencers

WOM Sells More Movie Tickets Than Social Media

Social media isn’t helping movie theater ticket sales all that much. That surprising nugget came from Vincent Bruzzese, present of  Ipsos MediaCT’s Motion Picture Group.

Data from a new Ipsos survey shows that the biggest influencer (69%), when it comes to buying a movie ticket, is a personal word-of-mouth recommendation.

39% of movie goers were motivated by the amount of posts they saw about a specific movie and 37% were swayed by a large number of positive comments online.

But according to Bruzzese, digital buzz isn’t helping the overall lifespan of a film.

“It’s not like the quality of movies has changed much. Bad movies drop on their second weekend, but good movies don’t stay around any longer than they did in ’80s. In fact they drop faster than when the way to spread mouth was the old fashioned face-to-face.”

SPONSOR: Step By Step Guide for LinkedIn’s New Company Pages

Everyone who works in marketing has a lot of work to do. Of course, just doing the work can be the easy part especially if you are doing something you are familiar with and know relatively well.

The trouble is that most things in the online marketing space are changing so rapidly that knowing something relatively well also means that you are on top of the latest changes for the many platforms that are available to marketers today.

One of the latest, and often overlooked for whatever reason is the changes to LinkedIn company pages. Our Inbound Marketing Channel sponsor, HubSpot, has put together a comprehensive look at the new features with their new “Step by Step Guide for LinkedIn’s New Company Pages“.

Here is what to expect in the guide

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn:

-What LinkedIn Company Pages are
-Why you should use them for marketing
-What’s different about the new LinkedIn Company Pages
-How to successfully optimize your company’s new page

So rather than read about it why don’t you get it right now!

The NFL Goes Pink and Xbox Gets a Make-up Makeover

This month, two brands you normally associate with men are getting a girly make-over, one for profit and one for a good cause.

The NFL is going pink in October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And not just any pink, take a look at this satiny, sparkly pink on gloves, shoes, hats, arm bands — everything except the football is pink, pink, pink.

It may sound like I’m making fun of these macho men in girly colors, but I think it’s wonderful. It’s great to see a huge brand do something completely out of character in order to support a great cause. And they’re not the only male dominated group donning pink this month. The police officers and firefighters of Maryland will be wearing pink, even tow trunks in Detroit are getting in on the action.