Online Map Battle Continues as Both Sides Sound Off

As you probably already know, Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued his mea culpa for the Apple Maps ‘problem’. No matter which side of this argument you are on this has elicited some interesting responses.

First we hear from the pro-Apple, ‘Yeah Tim Cook rocks!” camp headed by camp counselor, Farhad Manjoo of Pando Daily. He cuts to the chase saying that this is over in one masterful swipe from the head Apple and that even Google has stubbed its toe here.

Content Marketing for B2B Is All About Lead Gen

Before we look at some of the findings of the latest research into the world of content marketing could we look at the term ‘content marketing’. Is it me or is this just a phrase for the act of simply sharing what you know?

It’s not a revolutionary concept like many seem to try to convey. Content marketing is simply about being a little more intentional about how you share information that makes you and / or your company look better because you are putting your knowledge on display and not keeping it too close to the vest. Many companies get overwhelmed at the idea of ‘content marketing’ when really all they need to do is take information they already have and share it. Pretty basic, right? If you want to add to or debate this please do in the comments.

As for the intent of content marketing for the B2B space? It’s lead gen as the main goal or objective, no matter who does the research. These findings from blogger Holger Schulze, a blogger who writes at Everything Technology Marketing and VP of Marketing at eG Innnovations found (as repackaged by eMarketer)

While BtoB Magazine’s findings look quite similar.