Infographic: SMB’s Relationship With Social Media Options

The small and medium business crowd has always been tough to figure out and for good reason. Unlike the companies they may compete against they often do not have the systems or support to do the many things that even they know would be good for their business.

One of the areas that is of particular concern is social media. There are many SMB’s who ‘get’ social media and are doing a tremendous job of leveraging the channel for their business. On the other hand there are many who simply are not. What seems to be a common thread, however, is the types of social media that the SMB set is most comfortable with.

An infographic from VerticalResponse that was shared by VentureBeat (with a hat tip to Mark Traphagen) shows just where SMB’s are putting their social media eggs and it seems to be in the Twitter and Facebook basket with Google+ and LinkedIn being set aside. Here is the full infographic.

5 Key Signals That Your Leads Are Ready to Buy

This is a guest post by Sarah Goliger, an inbound marketer at HubSpot. HubSpot is a marketing software company based in Cambridge, MA that makes inbound marketing and lead management software. HubSpot is also the sponsor of Marketing Pilgrim’s Inbound Marketing channel.

If you’re generating leads for your business, you should know that roughly 50% of those leads will not be ready to buy immediately, according to Gleanster Research. What can you do, as a savvy inbound marketer, to convert more of those leads into customers? The answer is lead management.

By nurturing them with content that is closely-targeted to their needs and interests, you can educate your leads and pull them through the initial stages of the buying cycle until they are ready to be handed over to your sales team. But how do you know when a lead is ready for that first sales call? With the latest analytics tools and lead management software it’s easy to track behavior on your website and collect data that will help you make smarter marketing decisions.

Here are 5 B2B buying signals you should look out for and specific actions you can take to increase your sales.

PARODY: iPad Mini Is The Future … At Least Until May

There is a lot going on in the world right now to be concerned about, not the least of which is Hurricane Sandy and the trouble she is creating for the northeastern US. We continue to pray for the safety of everyone in her path.

With the hope to make you smile a bit, here is a little parody of Apple’s newest ‘latest and greatest’ thing. Thanks to cnet for bringing it to our attention. (Can’t see it at first? Just refresh your browser and that should do it.)

Have a good day and let’s not take ourselves too seriously just for today.

In Case of Emergency: Do You Have a Plan?

Between Hurricane Sandy in the East and the recent 7.7 earthquake and tsunami warning in the West, it’s starting to feel like the end is nigh. But soon, it will be back to business as usual for most of us. That’s the good news. The bad news is that day may be further away than we’d like.

Even if you’re not in the path of the storm, Hurricane Sandy is going affect you. Here are a few things to think about to help lessen the storm’s impact on your online business.


We know from what happened after Hurricane Irene, shipping services are going to slow down and in some cases even stop for a number of days. That means checks that you expect to get in the mail won’t arrive on time and inventory shipments will be delayed as well.

SPONSOR: Holiday Email Marketing Gifts from AWeber

Let’s try and take our minds off the weather for just a minute and think about something nice that is closer than we all imagine: the holiday season.

Christmas gift giving (and of course the buying needed to accomplish the giving) is becoming more and more prevalent in the minds of shoppers so it should be in the minds of marketers as well.

Our Email marketing sponsor, AWeber, has put together a great series called the 12 Days of Email Marketing. Over the next few Mondays we are going to give you all of the 12 fantastic email marketing helps that the email marketing specialists at AWeber have put together.

So without further ado here are days 1-3. Enjoy!

Google Offers Crisis Response Map for Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy is making everyone nervous up and down the Mid-Atlantic coast today and for the first part of the week. There is good reason for that concern as the hurricane has been nicknamed ‘Frankenstorm’ because of it being a compilation of various weather events coming together to create a perfect storm of sorts.

No matter how it plays out, we here at Marketing Pilgrim are praying for safety for everyone in the path of the storm.

While Google may not offer prayer (not publicly at least) they are offering a special Hurricane Sandy crisis response map. Here is an interactive version that Google is telling folks to share. If the map is not showing up immediately, please refresh your browser.

The Google Lat Long blog tells us more

Consumers Pay More Attention to Celebrity Gossip Than They Do to Online Ads

Wow. Harsh.

And if you think that’s bad, check this out:

I’m glad to know that so many people are paying attention to the speed limit and their spouses, but Online Ads come in below Celebrity Gossip. I’m hurt by that. Not shocked, but hurt.

This new data comes from Adobe’s “The State of Online Advertising” report and you have to give them points for creativity. There are only so many ways you can say people dislike online advertising and we’ve heard them all before. Still, it’s my job to bring you the latest research, so let’s mine for interesting nuggets. How about this:

When asked what kind of ads they favor, the majority of consumers (45%) said ads in print magazines. (Who said print is dead?)