Consumers Warm Up to the Idea of Varied Pricing Per Channel

Want to pick up a new Kindle Fire this weekend? You can get one from Staples for the same price as Amazon, but you’ll get a $20 Staples gift card as a bonus. Only thing is, you can only get the deal if you go to the store because they’re not available through

That’s a better scenario than when you research an item online then go to buy it at the store only to find the price is higher. The logic is that it costs more to run a store, so they have to charge more. Even if it’s true, is that good business?

A recent study by RetailWire shows that almost half of consumers surveyed said it was fine for retailers to price things differently online and off. Which means almost an equal number said prices should be the same across all channels.

Study of 7,000 Businesses Shows Impact of Blogging on Traffic and Leads

Our Inbound Marketing Channel sponsor, HubSpot, has released a study that looks at the 7000 businesses (Marketing Benchmarks for 7000+ Businesses) that are currently using the HubSpot marketing automation suite of tools and found that blogging, yes that old school activity, generates traffic and leads for both B2B and B2C marketers.

How much you ask? Take a look at this information regarding the number of posts and traffic for sites when taking into consideration company size.

So size does matter, huh?

Another look at traffic measurements as it relates to B2B and B2C marketing

So traffic is nice but when it comes to businesses and their websites, leads are the true measuring stick. So what happens with leads in these situations? Interestingly enough the little guys are the ones that get the most leads even if their traffic numbers aren’t as robust as the big boys.

Apple’s Profits Miss Expectations While Samsung Ships 57 Million Smartphones

Easy there Apple fan boys. There’s nothing to see here. No bashing of Apple and any ‘it’s the end of Apple as we know it predictions’. No, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Yesterday’s announcement of Apple’s ‘missing’ of analysts’ predictions of profits being higher than the posted $8.2B (with a B) in Q4 (which was up from $6.6B in the same quarter last year while revenue is up 27%) is nothing to really feel much concern over. It’s not Apple that is in trouble. They are fine and will remain fine. It’s the analysts that are idiots but that’s not breaking news now is it?

As Thanksgiving Day Sales Become the Norm, We’re Left to Wonder What’s Next?

In 2011, consumers using reported saving more on Thanksgiving than they did on Black Friday. Additionally, consumers using spent 5% more on average per order on Thanksgiving than on Black Friday.

That tidbit comes from the WhaleShark report with the long-winded but accurate title of “OctoNovemCemberTM: Why an Unsteady Economy Is Causing Consumers to Search for Deals Long Before Black Friday.”

What it means is that the retailers who were vilified last year for daring to put profits above family time went laughing all the way to the bank when it opened the next day. Even more retailers pushed their Black Friday opening times back from ‘crack of dawn’ to ‘stroke of midnight’ to make the whole event even more tiresome and exciting.

Real Models and Video Boost Online Apparel Sales

Buying clothes online is hard. Just because you wear a size 9, doesn’t mean you’ll look good in every size 9 dress. And more than once, I’ve bought a piece of clothing that looks luxurious online, only to find that it looks and feels cheap in person. Unlike one-size-fits-all DVDs and books, people want to touch clothes and try before they buy because we’re emotionally attached to what we wear. Don’t believe it? Ask a woman which outfit in her closet makes her feel good, which one is for bad days and which one is for those “feeling fat” days. (Men, do you do this, too?)

Internet Summit 2012 in Raleigh Nov. 6-8

This year we are proud to once again be a sponsor of one of the fastest growing and well attended Internet conferences around, The Internet Summit.

This year’s even happens in the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC (no kidding right?). If you haven’t signed up already there still is time as the event takes place from November 6-8. If you are local to Raleigh you can cast your vote early on the 6th and head straight to the Convention Center to concentrate on really important things like search marketing, social media, content marketing, analytics and much more.

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Sone of the speakers include

Sarah Lacy
Founder & Editor in Chief

Brent Herd
Director of Southeast

Frederick Townes
Senior Technical Advisor

Tim Sullivan
President and CEO

Pinterest Becomes Even More Visible As It Pierces Top 50 US Web Properties List

Pinterest is officially playing with the big boys now.

comScore released its Top 50 Web US Web Properties list and sliding in just at number 50 is Pinterest.

No matter what kind of marketer you are it is no longer a site you can easily overlook. In fact, you may need to give it a first look. Here’s the chart.