Adds Retail Discount Codes to Passbook

Passbook is one of those iOS apps that is better in theory than in reality. The concept is a version of the digital wallet. Instead of holding your money, it holds on to all those plastic loyalty cards, tickets for movies and concerts, even airline boarding passes. Easy digital access to those bits of paper you’re always fumbling to find. Neat.

In reality, Passbook is a barely there app that only works in conjunction with a limited number of partners. If you fly often or go to more than a few ticketed events per month, it’s a handy app. But this isn’t an optional download, it’s part of the official iPhone landscape so it ought to serve more people than that.

Ebay Pushes FedEx Shipping and Encourages Sellers to Take a Loss

When I first joined eBay, back in the late 90’s, it was all about the one-off auction. It was the place to go for a Lost in Space lunch box, a mint-in-box Barbie, or a rare Frankenstein poster. Back then, the majority of sellers were individuals looking to clean out their attic and make a little cash. It was the ultimate, online, treasure hunt for collectors like me.

While you still find this type of item on the site, they’re now buried under 50 listings of the same new DVD release, wholesale electronics, even listings from major retailers like Toys R Us.

That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lair is pretty cool, but still, I don’t like this trend. With every step, eBay moves further and further away from their roots and closer and closer to becoming

Will Facebook Stock Have A Big Day Based on Q3 Report?

If the pre-market trading is any indication, today could be a rare good (dare we say) great day for Facebook’s stock. As of this writing, the stock is up nearly 19% pre-market. Of course we will see what kind of day-trading profit taking will occur to temper the upswing but this kind of a day could be the one that finally pushes Facebook’s languishing stock (off nearly 50% from its IPO number of $38) in the right direction with a little momentum.

So why the change of heart by investors and why is this important to marketers? Well, to marketers it is obvious. Many are likely to be over-invested in Facebook as a marketing tool. I say over-invested because depending too heavily on a third party platform has its pitfalls and drawbacks. Being diverse in your marketing is as smart as being diverse in investments. Too much weight in one direction means the fall is much worse if that platform stumbles out of favor for any number of reasons.

Keeping Pace With the Change – A Digital Marketer’s Dilemma

This post was written by our Social Media channel sponsor Full Sail University.

As the Program Director for the Internet Marketing bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Full Sail University, I’m frequently asked how we deal with the rate of change in the industry.

This is a particular challenge when you’re trying to teach Internet marketing, but it’s a problem that virtually anyone in the digital space faces. Change is not only inevitable here; it’s virtually constant.

Keep swimming, Nemo.
There’s no way around the fact that what worked last year – or even last week – may not get the same results today. It’s your job (and mine) to keep pace.

I asked my colleagues and students for suggestions about how they stay current. Here are a few of the responses I got:

What Online Businesses Can Learn from the Hulu Plus Upgrade

Hulu, the online streaming video service, has just announced a snazzy new upgrade to go along with Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8. Since I like Hulu, I thought I’d use their new design to point out some trends that online businesses can use to elevate their own branded properties.

It’s all about the grid

These days, website design is all about rows of graphical boxes that fit together like an old fashioned slider puzzle. We see it on Pinterest, the new MySpace, StumbleUpon and Facebook.

The new Windows 8 interface is all about the grid, using colorful boxes and graphics as navigational tools. Want to watch Family Guy on Hulu – click the box. No more tiny icons or long lists of links. This option works best with tablets and other touch screen technology, but the main point is that the grid is in.

In the World of Apps: Retention is Up But Frequency is Down

What’s the oldest app on your phone or tablet that you still use on a regular basis? Which app do you access most often?

According to Flurry, you probably chose two different apps because retention rate and frequency rate don’t usually go together.

Flurry created this chaotic chart which shows average app usage by category. Look it over and then we’ll discuss:

The top right corner, Quadrant 1, are the rare apps we use frequently and over a long period of time. Communication apps are accessed an average of 8.8 times a week. News gets a 5.2.

iPad 4? Didn’t See That One Coming

Today Apple announced several new products including the iPad mini, a new iMac and a new 13-inch Macbook Pro.

Those were all pretty much expected (at least from what I could gather). The surprise which may actually irritate some recent Apple customers is the rollout of the iPad 4.

Yup, that’s right. An iPad 4 following the iPad 3 introduction from just March of this year was a bit of a surprise. Was it for you?

TNW reports

Apple today announced an updated version of its iPad to include its Lighting connector and an A6X chip. It features 10 hours of battery life and an HD version of its front facing camera. It also includes LTE connectivity and improved WiFi performance (up to 2x as fast).