I’d Like to Order a Medium Pizza with a Side of Louboutin Shoes

If you have a craving for a peperoni pizza and a new pair of fashionable shoes, relax — you can have them both in under 90 minutes.

Shutl’s rockets are on the way from the UK to the USA. Once they get here, they’ll start delivering  your online purchases to your home or office, sometimes in under an hour. According to their website, their fastest delivery time in the past week was 20m:26 seconds. I can’t imagine them beating that in Los Angeles where it takes 20 minutes just to go five blocks but they’re going to try.

The company is launching soon in ten US cities: Atlanta, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Montreal and Toronto. They aren’t showing off a list of stores yet, but in the UK they include electronics hub Maplin, Laithewaites Wines and several fashion outlets such as Karen Miller and Oasis.

Brand Caught Handling Social Media Issue Well!

There is probably something more ‘newsworthy’ to post about today but let’s take a look at something that some of us may not recognize. It’s that rare moment where a brand or company is brought out in front of a jury of its peers for doing something…..hold on to your hats…….right.

That’s right. I wrote it. Someone was caught handling a potentially messy social media situation well and there is reason to recognize that compnay for being …. man, it’s even harder to type this the second time ….. right.

So who is this brand that dare make people like us who like to cry foul and scream “Are you stupid or what?!?!” whenever a company steps in a steaming pile of social media? It’s Papa Murphy’s Pizza. Ragan.com reports

Google’s Disavow Links Tool Goes Live With Cautions

Google has released its disavow links tool. There is plenty to discuss but one sentence from Google’s Webmaster Central blog should be enough for most to at least take a deep breath before they dive into the tool.

Q: Will most sites need to use this tool?

A: No. The vast, vast majority of sites do not need to use this tool in any way. If you’re not sure what the tool does or whether you need to use it, you probably shouldn’t use it.

Ok. Sounds like someone handing another person a grenade and saying “You may want to think hard about pulling that pin”.

So let’s let Matt tell you about it.

Shopping Engagement: Facebook Has the Reach but Pinterest Has the Passion

When it comes to online shopping neither Facebook nor Pinterest has had much success with conversions, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Bizrate Insights asked consumers to list the reasons they use either of the social sites, then they compared the results with this handy-dandy chart.

Users of both sites found them to be entertaining and a good place to connect with people who have similar interests. But after that, it’s all Pinterest. Look at the second set of bars. 70% of Pinterest users said the site inspires them to buy things. That’s huge.

Facebook’s Head of Brand Design Says it’s Time for More Talk and Less Action

Do you believe in love at first sight? Paul Adams of Facebook doesn’t. He says good relationships take time to develop, whether you’re looking for a mate or a customer for your business.

Adams, Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook, was a guest at this week’s Pivot Conference. His topic? Six principles for being social on Facebook. What it amounts to is the concept that you should consider how people use Facebook before reaching out to people on Facebook. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Adams says that most brands come on too strong and that’s a turnoff for a potential brand follower. In other words, think of your social media interactions as a first date. Woo your fans with lightweight interactions so they have a chance to feel comfortable.

Is Doing Mobile a No-Brainer for Your Company?

We talk about mobile. We talk so much about it so much I wonder if we have moved to the ‘dangerous assumption’ phase of the game. That’s the point where it seems to be such a foregone conclusion that since everyone is talking about mobile then everyone is actually doing it and doing it well. If that isn’t a dangerous assumption in the Internet marketing world then I don’t know what is.

Research is showing clearly that users expect a reasonable mobile experience. If we are to believe a report done on Google’s behalf by SmithGeiger and Sterling Research (which was repackaged by eMarketer) then if we are not paying attention to mobile the risks can be quite high.

Ability to Search Most Google Products from Gmail Account Available for All

Back in August, Google announced a limited field trial for giving Gmail account holders (important to note this is only for Gmail accounts and not Google Apps mail which is ridiculous but that’s for another day) the ability to search from within your Gmail account. Now that trial has been expanded to more people and more areas of your Google life like Drive, Calendar, Contacts – you name it. Search it all at one time and let Google put it all together in a nice set of ads a nice package for you.

From the Official Gmail blog we hear