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StumbleUpon, the website discovery engine, is beta testing a new design that looks extremely familiar. Instead of the long, vertical list of site descriptions with small screengrabs on one side, we now have this:

Horizontal rows of boxes with larger photos and colorful headers. I’m sure I’ve seen this style somewhere before. . . . let me think. . . .




Okay, so you can’t blame them for going with the flow, it’s a design that works, so why not? They also borrow a few other ideas from around the web, including Lists! You can now add any of your favorite pages to a list which can then be followed by others.

They also give you more to look at up front with a variety of front page options including trending and activity (what your friends are clicking on).

On the profile pages, they’ve added a colorful bar called StumbleDNA which shows what percentage of a person’s stumbles fit into what category. My largest block is purple (society), which is a surprise to me.

In spite of it’s copycat design, the new StumbleUpon is actually a huge step up from the old design. It feels more like a website now and less of a collection of bookmarks. I really enjoyed skimming the posts that appeared on my interests tab, so much so that it made the Stumble button obsolete. Why wait for page after page to load when you can skim dozens of bits of content on your home page?

For marketers, this is all good news. StumbleUpon’s new design is clean and relevant and an excellent showcase for your content. One thing to note: instead of a screengrab, this new design pulls a single graphic from the page. That means it’s more important than ever that you use bright, eye-catching photos when building your content.

What do you think of the new StumbleUpon?