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Last night was a big night for politics in the US. As with most big nights and events these days, Twitter also comes up big because there is a certain portion of the world that uses Twitter and they are, well, vocal.

Here is a chart produced by Twitter with a chronological look at tweet volume and the statements that triggered the volume around the debate.

No matter which side of the aisle you are on, there is a lot that now goes along around events like this because of the interaction Twitter allows. Now, for me personally I steer clear of actually participating because the tenor of the tweets is often more about tearing down than building up which is, in my opinion, a very big negative about this kind of ‘discourse’. It’s one of those “You can say whatever you want but if it’s not what the Twitter masses want you might get beat down” situations which isn’t exactly discourse but it is at least sharing. Progress not perfection, right?

Regardless of the content there is no doubt that for a very vocal part of the world (which still has a very echo-chamberish feel to it since Twitter is not nearly as ubiquitous as Facebook) this is the place to be when an event as big as a presidential debate happens.

How did you spend the debates? Were you just watching and keeping to yourself or did you jump into the fray with those who produced over 10 million tweets during the event? Let us know.