Zynga Takes One More Step Away From Facebook. Let’s Play a Game!

In this game, you’re a budding entrepreneur with a distinctive graphical style and a knack for getting people to pony up real money for virtual toys.

Building a business is expensive, so in order to keep moving forward in the game, you need a source of income.

You can choose to get funds from big investor who will let you do what you want but you can’t reveal his name.


You can hitch your wagon to the great and powerful Facebook who will bring you notoriety and billions of players as long as you abide by their rules at all times.

Which one would you chose?

More Holiday Stats: Tablets Beat Traditional for Conversions on Cyber Monday

As the Thanksgiving weekend fades away in the rear-view mirror, I’d like to offer up one more set of stats. These come from Monetate and one line in particular is so amazing, I’m not sure I’m interpreting it correctly.

Overall, tablet conversion rates exceeded conversion rates on the traditional web for the first time on Cyber Monday (5.84% to 5.51%). In 2011, the numbers were 5.48% (tablets) and 5.98% (traditional web).

This is saying that on Cyber Monday more people who shopped the web by tablet followed through and bought things than people who used their computer (traditional). Right? Is there any other way to interpret this chart?

More facts:

— Conversion rates on the iPad on Cyber Monday were over 6%, more than 2 percent higher than any other day during the Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday period.

Google+ Serves As ‘Plumbing’ of New VetNet Program

Google is getting creative with Google+ by embedding it into, or as they put it ‘providing the plumbing’ for, a new combined offering called VetNet.

In a nutshell, VetNet brings together a few strong organizations that help vets find a new career in civilian life and, if this video is any indication, is relying on Google+ Hangouts as primary way to deliver services and classes. Take a look at this video from the Official Google blog

While Google+ struggles for adoption amongst social media users at large it appears as if Google is now looking to more creative, and quite honestly, PR worthy ways to get the service in use by more people.

Mobile Ads Among Least Liked Ad Forms

People apparently like a clean mobile experience. If the findings of a MillwardBrown AdReaction Study 2012 are accurate mobile ads are among the least liked of all ad formats. The following chart comes from Marketing Charts which repackaged the MillwardBrown findings shows that mobile ads keep company with the likes of some forms of spam email with regard to being liked. Ouch.

So why are people more tolerant of ads elsewhere? It’s could be that they simply accept the ideas of ads on TV and in other media. We are used to it and it is expected. Mobile is a relatively new player and it emboldens consumers to call for a cleaner and less cluttered experience or at least the ability to create an experience of their choice.

Living Social Layoffs and Groupon CEO Questions Define Deals Landscape Today

Daily deal sites.

Remember when that was all the rage and the future was going to be full of discounted everything for those who were willing?

Well, the daily deals are still flowing but the news today is of some reality becoming part of the picture. That reality speaks of expansion that may have been a bit too rapid and business experience that was definitely lacking.

On the first front rapid expansion by daily deal site Living Social is resulting in a rumored layoff of 400 people which is about 8% of the current work force. The Washington Business Journal reports

LivingSocial Inc. is slated to launch a major round of layoffs Thursday, with as many as 400 job cuts expected across its U.S. workforce, according to sources with knowledge of the daily deal giant’s plans.

Twilight Couple and Katie Holmes Top Ask’s List of Most Asked Questions

Earlier this week we learned that Americans have an unnatural fascination for Kim Kardashian but they apparently don’t think about her in terms of a question because she didn’t make Ask.com’s most asked list.

Top question on the Ask list? Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get back together?

The Twilight twosome weren’t the only celebrity couple to make the list. Folks also wanted to know if Katie Holmes’ marriage to Tom Cruise was fake, and they wanted to know when Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were getting married.

Other personal questions included, “why did Miley Cyrus cut her hair” and “does Ryan Lochte have a girlfriend.” And many people wanted to know, what exactly is Gangnam Style?

November Mobile Mix: Android Captures 52 Percent of Ad Impressions

Another Millennial Media Mobile Mix is here and it’s like finding the first gift of the holiday season. You know how I love their inventive covers and this month they went with something classical. Here’s just a snippet. I’ll have a link for the whole image and the download at the end of this post.


Apple is still the leading device manufacturer but Android picked up 52% of the ad impressions on their network. Just two years ago, iOS owned 50% of the ad impressions and Android got only half that, so it’s quite a change in just a short time. Blackberry is hanging in but their numbers are rapidly dropping.

Non-Phone Devices