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We all agree that the biggest problem with determining the success of a Facebook ad campaign is that the actual results are hard to track. (We do agree on this, don’t we?)

Reuters says those days are over. They claim that Facebook is about to roll out a new, super secret tool that will reveal how many Facebook users bought a product after clicking on an ad.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind, I recall writing about this before. The system involves matching the email address of the purchaser with the email addresses in the Facebook data bank. Seems like a long way around but if it works, it works.

David Baser, a product manager for Facebook’s ads business, assures Reuters reporters that Facebook will not share any identifying information, just a list of how many people match up. What’s weird about that is, if I buy shoes through an ad on Facebook then the shoe seller already has my information so does it matter if Facebook confirms my name or not?

Anything Facebook can do to show the success of an ad is worth doing, but there’s something about this article that feels off. It reads more like a press release than a news article. Not that press releases don’t ever have good information in them, but I’m just saying.

Now look at this quote from a related article on SFGate;

A Yahoo source reached us the other day to say this about Facebook: “There’s a story brewing about a next very big business it’s building—one that competes with one of Yahoo’s flagship ad products and would kill us.”

Overly dramatic, much? If this was April, I’d think it was an April Fool’s Joke.

I’m sure Facebook is working on a better way to prove their worth than counting clicks. I know they’re partnering with Datalogix to get it done. If they’ve got it licked, it’s a big step but it’s not the formula for time travel – it’s fast computers comparing a billion data points. So what’s with all the hush-hush nonsense?

If you know, let me know in the comments below.