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According to a report from Bloomberg the FTC has issued Google an ultimatum about practices that the agency has been investigating for quite some time. Now that the election is passed I guess it’s a good time to go after them, huh?

The gist of this can be seen in this quote from Bloomberg

Google being pressed by U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jonathan Leibowitz to offer to resolve the agency’s antitrust probe in the next few days or face a lawsuit, two people familiar with the matter said.

Google has been in discussions with the agency for about two weeks and hasn’t put any remedy proposals on the table, said the people, who declined to be identified because the negotiations are private.

It’s the same old story but with a new twist. At least this shows that you can’t buy favor with this part of Washington DC! For all the money and overt support that Google has given to the Obama administration you figure there might be some ‘quid pro quo’ but this is more like ‘thanks for the support now bend over and take it like a corporation!’

Google is playing nice and saying all the right things despite the activity

“We continue to work cooperatively with the Federal Trade Commission and are happy to answer any questions they may have,” Adam Kovacevich, a spokesman for Google, said yesterday in an e-mail. Peter Kaplan, a spokesman for the FTC, declined to comment.

Well, this is really a lot of speculation until someone takes an action. The war of words has no teeth unless we decide to give it some. Let’s not do that.

The next time we talk about Google and the government we’ll try to make it about what HAS happened rather than about what MIGHT happen.

Heck, we are already here so why not …….What do you think MIGHT happen?