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OK. First off I know this is a stretch with regard to the marketing applications of Google’s new ‘JAM With Chrome‘ app but I found this to be really interesting in a way that makes one wonder what else can and is being done along similar lines.

Real simply this interactive web application is browser based and allows for people to play an instrument and have their friends join in. Check out the video from the Google blog post.

Some will likely pass this off as a non-event and that’s perfectly reasonable. But for someone like me who really likes music but who also discovered long ago that my ear and my ability to make music with an actual instrument are completely disconnected, this is fun. I played with this for a little while and ‘by accident’ was able to recreate a sound from Pink Floyd’s “One of These Days” from their album (yes I said it, A-L-B-U-M) Meddle and it was fun. (By the way, if you know this song I am referring to you need to comment and be heard) Oh and it’s free. I didn’t need to borrow an instrument or spend money on one then watch it slowly morph into a clothes hanger of sorts (been then and done that).

So what’s the marketing angle? To me it simply means that if you create something that can help a person connect with a part of themselves that they can’t on their own you are on to something. How does that apply to marketers? Well, that’s where your creative talents come into play.

But you want to say right away, ‘My product is boring and can’t make that happen!’. Really? Have you tried to think way outside the box, ever, in order to try something that might actually turn your boring product into something different or have you just thrown your hands up in the air and said ‘Forget this!!’?

We are in right at the start of a huge age of experimentation as people and as marketers. What better time to try to break out than the present? If you were inspired to move forward by the election results this is one way to do it. If you were disappointed in the results this is STILL something you can do that is yours and not the governments. Maybe Nike was right in their ‘Just Do It’ thinking. What do you think?