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Google’s share of the search market in the UK has slipped below a rounded number which signals everyone should think it’s the beginning of the end.

People are obsessed with artificial markers with number because you can see a change. So what am I saying? Well, the ‘news’ that Google has slipped below a 90% share of the search market in the UK ALL THE WAY DOWN TO 89.33% (down from 90.74% the month before) is not really news. That is unless it is the start of a trend.

Here are the Hitwise numbers

Some posts elsewhere along with the comments make this seem like some milestone or indication that Google is in trouble. It also brings up the totally ignorant talk of a monopoly which is old and tiresome. Why?

Because people have a choice in which engine they can use. They, more often than not, choose Google. Google is not preventing anyone from doing business. If that were the case there would be something to discuss but since it’s not (there is choice and people are choosing Google a lot are the facts after all) it’s a non-issue until it becomes a political one. Most certainly it will at some point when some politician feels he/ she needs some publicity.

In the end there is nothing to look at here since 89% is still massive (considering the 65-67% share that Google usually carries in the US). Google is not going away in the near future. It could slip or slide more but if I were Google I would encourage it so that people would stay away from getting all ‘regulation happy’ in order to balance something that doesn’t need any help.

What do you think? Is Google evil? Are they monopolistic? Are they just better than the rest? Are folks in the UK being limited in their search engine choices?