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Google To Print: My Ad Dollars Can Beat Your Ad Dollars Anytime!

Let’s call this one a graphical depiction of how the ad business has changed in the last ten years. The graph comes from Statista by way of Cnet and here it is:

According to this chart, Google finally pulled ahead of print advertising in dollars spent. Not surprising, given the state of the newspaper and magazine business, but wait. . . there are a few points to consider.

Earlier today, my son reminded me that numbers can be manipulate to prove almost anything. We were discussing time expansion as it relates to creation, (yes, really) but the point applies here as well. Statista states right off the bat that this isn’t a completely fair comparison. Google’s numbers are worldwide, while the print numbers are US only. If you included international print, I’d guess that the scale would tip in print’s favor.

In the US, The Wall Street Journal has the highest circulation hitting around 2,293,798 daily subscribers. In Japan, Yomiuri Shimbun has more than 10 million subscribers. Japan also has two other newspapers that beat The Wall Street Journal by a mile. Can you imagine how many ad dollars they pull in?

Still, I like this chart because I believe it does accurately depict a growing trend toward digital advertising. But I do have one question. When Google was founded, was it always their intention to become one of the largest, most influential means of advertising or was that a happy accident?

If you know, let me know, in the comments below.


  • jose

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  • Singapore Website Company

    Papers advetisment are shrinking as google Adwords grow! Smartphones are taking over. As more and more pple go mobile, advertisers are going to where the Dollars are …