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We all know that the the digital channel is continuing to grow. Advertising as a whole may not be growing tremendously but growth in the digital space is being fueled by a an increasing exodus from traditional advertising options that are no longer cutting it in the Internet age.

Please note that I am not saying all offline advertising is going away. That’s hype and nonsense. That’s online industry stupid talk for lack of a better term. There are offline channels for advertisers that still work well and will continue to do so. In fact,they will be even more strategic as the shift continues to the online space and a true balance is struck by marketers who learn what works best and in what doses regarding online and offline options.

BIA/Kelsey has provided some data about the local space moving forward and it looks like mobile is the big winner. Take a look at the predicted growth of local mobile ad spend through 2016.

Now see how that compares to local spending as a whole.

Overall you can see the spend is growing more slowly.

To sum this up the advertising industry will be fighting for a piece of a pie that is not expanding by leaps and bounds. What is expanding, however, are certain segments like mobile ad spend that will siphon off dollars from other channels.

It only makes sense as we get more mobile in our online usage. So where are your marketing dollars going? Is mobile an important component to you? Tell us more.