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As the Thanksgiving weekend fades away in the rear-view mirror, I’d like to offer up one more set of stats. These come from Monetate and one line in particular is so amazing, I’m not sure I’m interpreting it correctly.

Overall, tablet conversion rates exceeded conversion rates on the traditional web for the first time on Cyber Monday (5.84% to 5.51%). In 2011, the numbers were 5.48% (tablets) and 5.98% (traditional web).

This is saying that on Cyber Monday more people who shopped the web by tablet followed through and bought things than people who used their computer (traditional). Right? Is there any other way to interpret this chart?

More facts:

— Conversion rates on the iPad on Cyber Monday were over 6%, more than 2 percent higher than any other day during the Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday period.

— The iPad represented over 9% of overall web traffic on two days during the recent holiday shopping period

— Total mobile traffic (smartphones and tablets) exceeded 21% of overall web traffic on peak days during the Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday period

Mobile was responsible for almost a quarter of the web traffic. That’s a real sign of the times.

Mobile Home

We’ve seen in the past, that in spite of the name, mobile is often used when the consumer is home and not mobile at all. Monetate’s numbers seem to bear this out.

During the day, only 16.6% of Black Friday web traffic came from mobile and only 10.58% on Cyber Monday.

In the evening, these numbers popped up to 22.34% on Black Friday and 18.18% on Cyber Monday.

The takeaway here is that you should be sending out marketing emails and social media messaging in the evening hours to capitalize on the actions of the couch surfer.

At the risk of sounding like a wildlife documentary, in the evening, when the consumer is relaxed and enjoying a hot beverage and his favorite TV show, he’s at his most vulnerable. Plan your attack accordingly.