Republican Voters Spend More Online and Other Electoral Ecommerce Stats

While much of the world waits to see how voters in the red and blue states will respond once they hit the polls, Monetate has the answer to an even more important question — how much do they spend online?

Turns out that folks from the red states, the ones that traditionally vote Republican spend an average of $92.22 when they shop online beating the Democratic blue states ($91.62) and the Undecided purple states ($87.63).

This could have something to do with the fact that Romney supporters are also pro Mac. 24.31% of Republicans are using Apple computers compared to 17.63% of Obama supporters. Those guys are much more PC (so to speak).

American Apparel CEO Says Social Media Troubles Caused by “25 Bloggers Who Blew Up”

Before we approach this subject let’s make one thing very clear.

While we look at the marketing / business / reputation issues that accompany any company’s actions as it relates to Hurricane Sandy, we are doing so because we are a marketing blog. The bigger picture of the destruction and death that the storm left in its wake is the REAL issue. If you could do anything to somehow help relief efforts in any way stop reading and go do that. That matters. A business analysis ultimately doesn’t at all.

Having said that, we need to look at the response of the CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney, who apparently feels that the row created over his company’s discount on purchases offered to people impacted by Sandy in nine states is much ado about nothing.

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek he says

Bloomberg Businessweek: Why do you think there was so much blowback?

Dov Charney: It’s the blogosphere. Each blogger or Twitterer eggs on the other, and it becomes a big deal. That doesn’t represent the majority of the people. I don’t think the average person was offended. There were 25 bloggers who blew up. That’s their right. The media is also interested in getting a rise out of readers. You have to look at your motivation in covering this, too. But it’s not a big deal. We don’t think it was offensive. We’re sorry if others thought it was.

Holiday Marketing Campaigns Hitting Full Swing

It’s that time of year. Depending on who you are that could mean a lot of things. As a father of a Pop Warner football player it means “Playoff Time!” (Go Wake Forest Titans JPW Lightning!) but this is a marketing blog. OK, so let’s talk about holiday marketing.

According to a study conducted by BIGinsight for and reported by eMarketer, this week is the week where many marketers are getting under way in earnest.

That’s a good thing since another study for the National Retail Federation (NRF) shows that about 60% of the shoppers do their holiday shopping from November on.