Just How Big is Big Data?

Big data is a term you hear bandied about a lot these days, but what exactly does it mean?

Big data refers to any collection of information that is so large, you can’t use normal means to process it. For example, I can list all of the kids in the local elementary school on a spreadsheet then use conventional sort methods to find out how many are girls, how many are born in December, how many have siblings in the same school. Easy.

Now, suppose I want to mine that same information, but with all the kids in every elementary school in the US. That would require a very, very large spreadsheet and better tools for sorting and quantifying.

In online marketing, we’re looking a big data sets connected to internet usage. We begin with a simple slice from Monetate’s new Infographic “The Retailer’s Guide to Big Data.”

Then we add in other types of data collected by retailers on the internet. Names, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, email. Then we move beyond personal identifiers into personal preferences; what did a person buy, how often did they buy, did they buy the blue one more often than the red one. From there we expand to product reviews, and Likes and Pins on Pinterest, shared links, photos and blog posts. Each of these items tells us something about the person who interacted with each of these experiences.

Survey Says Shoppers Will Showroom on Black Friday but Buy on Cyber Monday

Black Friday’s loss will be Cyber Monday’s gain. According to CouponCabin, 47% of Cyber Monday shoppers said they’ll spend more money online than they will in-stores for the rest of the holiday season.

29% said they’ll be doing their online shopping using a smartphone or tablet.

The bad news for brick stores is that 42% of smartphone owners plan to scope out gift items on Black Friday but they won’t be spending their cash. Instead, they’ll buy those same items online at a Cyber Monday discount.

How much cash?

$1-$100 – 39 percent
$101-$500 – 54 percent
$501 – $10,000 – 6 percent

Jackie Warrick, President and Chief Savings Officer at CouponCabin.com says,

Twitter Says Tweets Influence Online Shopping

In that rare bit of breathing space between back-to-school and holiday shopping, Twitter hired Compete to test the effectiveness of retail Tweets.

Their results were extremely positive and I believe them, but it’s my duty to remind you that Twitter paid for the survey, so make of that what you will.

To conduct the survey, they “observed” 2,600 US web surfers. Once group was exposed to Tweets from 700 retailers (wow!) including Amazon, Nike, and Walmart on Twitter.com. They compared those responses to two control groups (we are controlling the horizontal, we are controlling the vertical); one made up of people on Twitter.com who didn’t see any retail Tweets (how did they manage that!), and one group of general internet browsers.

Google Plus Hangouts As Classrooms

While this may seem like an ad for Google Plus Hangouts it’s not. I was just pointed to the video, thought it was cool and thought this was one of those good holiday week things to share with our readers. What’s your take?

Thanks to Brian Clark of Copyblogger for pointing this out.

And So It Begins: Sears Botches Their Early Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday craziness has begun and we have our first casualty – Sears.

Hoping to do something nice for their “Shop Your Way” members, they had a pre-pre-pre Black Friday sale on Sunday night.

According to BFAds.net, Sears was selling a 32″ HDTV for only $97. Buy online and pick up at your store. Wow.

Things started to go wrong immediately thanks to poor coding of the website’s countdown clock. Instead of counting down to 5 pm Central time, it adjusted based on each shopper’s time zone, so unless you happen to live in the Central Time Zone, you had the wrong start time on your computer.

It’s Job Tuesday at Marketing Pilgrim

We have Black Friday this week.

We have Cyber Monday next week.

So we at Marketing Pilgrim are declaring today Job Tuesday. Sure it’s not as sexy and it won’t catch on but we have to give you some kind fo information right?

Here are some of the jobs listed on our Internet and socialmedia marketing job board. It’s a great place for job hunters to find opportunities and those seeking great employees to list their job for just $27 per month!

Target is hiring in Minneapolis

Senior Marketing Analyst – Paid Search

Digital Product Manager

Manager – Web Analytics, Online Testing and Optimization

There are many, many more great job opportunities on the job board so why not check them out right now?

New York City Rolling Out New Public Touch Screen Devices

We all knew it was coming. The decline of the phone booth has run about side by side (and maybe even a little faster) than that of newspapers, yellow pages and common sense (Hey! Did I just say that?! Sorry.)

As more and more people have mobile or smart phones the need for the public phone booth is going away except for maybe the extremely poor or those needing one for unsavory business.

So with phone booths becoming less and less practical will there be something replacing them? In New York City, at least, the answer is yes and what they are doing looks pretty cool and it doesn’t even remove the phone from the equation for good reason. Jeff John Roberts of GigaOM tells us