Second Screen TV App Viggle Buys Competitor GetGlue

Not since chocolate and peanut butter got together to form a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, have I been so excited about a merger. Robert F.X. Sillerman, Executive Chairman and CEO of Viggle announced today that his company has entered into an agreement to buy competitor GetGlue.

For those of you who don’t live and breathe TV like I do, Viggle and GetGlue are both second screen, social TV apps that reward viewers for checking in to various programs.

Viggle uses audio sync technology to make sure you’re watching the show, then rewards you with points. They also offer bonus points on a few shows a week when you answer trivia questions during the broadcast. These points can be redeemed for gift certificates, discounts and sweepstakes entries. I routinely use mine to buy iTunes and Starbucks gift cards which I often use as gifts (bribes) for family members.

New Study Details States That Like to Browse Vs. States That Like to Buy

In real estate, location is everything and according to a new survey by Monetate, it’s pretty important in ecommerce, too.

The EQ3 2012 edition of the Ecommerce Quarterly has some pretty interesting information about how people from different states shop online. Get this, of the top five states that drive the most ecommerce traffic, none of them have the highest conversions. What’s that all about?

The Browsers:

My fellow Californians are responsible for the largest amount of ecommerce traffic on the net. What does that say about us? That we dream big? We love to shop? We have a lot of spare time on our hands?

Folks in Wyoming are barely shopping online at all. Maybe they’re too outdoorsy to spend time looking for new DVD releases on Amazon.

Small Business Saturday Set To Help Local Merchants

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday and our email marketing channel sponsor, AWeber, has put together an infographic to show just how important the small businesses of the US are to the economy overall.

American Express started the Small Business Saturday ‘movement’ in 2010 and last year over 100 million people decided to Shop Small for the big day.

Will you be helping this year?

Click the ‘Continue Reading’ button to see the full infographic.

Video Ads Perform Best on Mobile For CPG Companies

Video is all the rage right?

Everyone watches it. It also appears that consumers like the medium and can be more receptive to advertising messages from video placements which is what all marketers want.

But when it comes down to how a consumer receives video we really need to know which video formats will work the best. At least one study for CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry shows that mobile is at the top of the video heap.

eMarketer reported on a study by ad network AdColony and Nielsen regarding how video ads performed in various formats, mobile came out WAY ahead. Take a look.

5 Squishy Tips for Account Transitions

This post comes from one of our guest bloggers, Susan Waldes of PPC Associates.

Here at PPC Associates, we’ve been growing super-fast as we quickly blow (blew) past the 50-employee benchmark. Growing so fast means dealing with a lot of account transitions.

We’ve grown junior team members into solid account managers and passed meatier accounts to them. We’ve worked on aligning the best personality and geographic matches possible. Sure, we have checklists, timelines, and transition call agendas and all the administrative pieces, but we’ve also learned some less tangible – I call them “squishy” – tips that make the transitions as seamless as possible from the relationship management side and keep all parties feeling happy and good.

Can Facebook Really Track Sales? Reuters Reporters Say Yes, They Can!

We all agree that the biggest problem with determining the success of a Facebook ad campaign is that the actual results are hard to track. (We do agree on this, don’t we?)

Reuters says those days are over. They claim that Facebook is about to roll out a new, super secret tool that will reveal how many Facebook users bought a product after clicking on an ad.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind, I recall writing about this before. The system involves matching the email address of the purchaser with the email addresses in the Facebook data bank. Seems like a long way around but if it works, it works.

Who Supports Small Business? Survey Says Facebook, Not Etsy

There’s not usually a long line at the window where you leave compliments for Facebook, but in a recent survey by Manta, they did alright.

Manta asked 1,087 small business owners which online marketplaces offered them the most support. Facebook came out on top with 29% of the vote. Granted, that’s not a huge slice but the fact that anybody thought Facebook was supportive of small businesses is pretty amazing.

What’s more amazing is the site that landed on the bottom – Etsy. This site is made up entirely of artists, crafters and vintage dealers, many of which are one-man operations. But 47% of those surveyed said they thought the site was the least supportive of small business owners. Ouch.

You know who else landed on the bottom? eBay, Amazon and Groupon!