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While much of the world waits to see how voters in the red and blue states will respond once they hit the polls, Monetate has the answer to an even more important question — how much do they spend online?

Turns out that folks from the red states, the ones that traditionally vote Republican spend an average of $92.22 when they shop online beating the Democratic blue states ($91.62) and the Undecided purple states ($87.63).

This could have something to do with the fact that Romney supporters are also pro Mac. 24.31% of Republicans are using Apple computers compared to 17.63% of Obama supporters. Those guys are much more PC (so to speak).

When it comes to mobile, both parties are almost equal in iPhone and iPad usage but almost twice as many Obama supporters use Android phones. Not sure what to make of that, but I’ll show you what Monetate can make of this:

This is fascinating data — no really, I’m not being sarcastic. It’s particularly interesting if you do a lot of state specific business. Look at Maryland, they’re top on both lists, so if you’re selling product there you better make sure your site works on mobile.

Traffic from the iPad leads to even bigger percentages with Hawaii leading the way. It’s a weird list, mostly western states but then New Jersey lands in the mix. I doubt there’s a definable reason for the results but it’s fun to wonder why.

Sending the least amount of traffic from the iPad? Iowa, Oregon and Washington. When you add in the percentage from smartphones, Iowans were voted least likely to shop with mobile.

To fully appreciate the wonder of this infographic, you have to see the whole thing. It’s way too big to post on our site, so click here and pay a visit to our friends at Monetate. If they ask, tell them I sent you.