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Toot the horns and unfurl the flags, it’s time for another Millennial Media SMART Report! This month, it’s all about the three R’s, Retail, Restaurants and Revenue.

Ranked by ad spend, Retail and Restaurants come in third below Telecommunications and Finance but the field grew by an average of 11% per month.

For these companies, it’s all about location, location, location. 44% of all campaigns run on Millennial Media’s system had a store locator component and 60% used location-based targeting.

Not surprisingly, increasing foot traffic was a major goal for these advertisers coming in at 38%. 17% were hoping for site traffic and 16% went with the more general term of “brand awareness.”

Of all the ads in this area, Clothing represented the largest chunk followed pretty closely by Home Products. Fast food beat out dine-in restaurants 11% to 5%.

Who is Using Mobile to Shop?

Business and Finance Enthusiasts spent more time checking retail and restaurant options than any other group. Millennial Media suggests this is because these people feel secure using their phones for money matters, so using it to find a restaurant is easy peasey. (My words, not theirs.)

Here’s a look at the other folks who used their phones to help them shop and eat:

Foodies and Restaurant Goers made the list – big surprise there.

Other interesting facts from this report:

  • Parents are 2 times as likely to shop via a mobile device than non-parents
  • Women spend twice as much time on Retail and Restaurant apps as men do.
  • In the UK, 53% of shoppers chose mobile as their preferred method for coupon redemption.

Want to learn more? Read this month’s Millennial Media SMART report for free.