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A recent study conducted by gives some interesting insight into Facebook and its use by businesses and consumers alike.

Of course, if you were the folks out in the Facebook offices you would want a study to show how everything is on the rise and all is well with the billion or so users of the top social media site in the world.

Sorry guys. In fact, this study (brought to our attention by Econsultancy) at least is showing something very different. First, it says 70% of businesses that have business pages are not updating the pages at all. Take a look.

Ouch. That’s not real strong is it?

If that is truly the case (pardon me for my high level of skepticism in the age of Internet ‘research’) then this next chart should come as no surprise. It shows that engagement is going down as well. Not much to engage with if a page is not being updated. That’s pretty simple.

Is this what you are seeing? Could these kinds of anemic results simply be because of the myriad small businesses who have set up a Facebook business page then have no idea what to do with it and they essentially let it rot on the vine? Are these pages set up around events rather than a real business strategy then once the event passes there is nothing to discuss? So many questions.

What are your thoughts on this Black Friday?