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Black Friday’s loss will be Cyber Monday’s gain. According to CouponCabin, 47% of Cyber Monday shoppers said they’ll spend more money online than they will in-stores for the rest of the holiday season.

29% said they’ll be doing their online shopping using a smartphone or tablet.

The bad news for brick stores is that 42% of smartphone owners plan to scope out gift items on Black Friday but they won’t be spending their cash. Instead, they’ll buy those same items online at a Cyber Monday discount.

How much cash?

$1-$100 – 39 percent
$101-$500 – 54 percent
$501 – $10,000 – 6 percent

Jackie Warrick, President and Chief Savings Officer at says,

“Cyber Monday’s popularity has grown year after year. For some people, it’s even eclipsed Black Friday as the top day for saving, likely due to its convenience. Plus, Cyber Monday shoppers can access deals from anywhere, whether they’re on the go, at home or at work.”

37% of employed shoppers told the truth and admitted they’ll be shopping from work this coming Monday. That’s up 24% from last year.

Saving your sanity is one of the big reasons people have turned to online shopping during the biggest deal weekend of the year. WesternUnion did a quickie survey and 68% of the people who responded said fighting last year’s Black Friday crowds wasn’t worth it in the end.

Many consumers said they’d rather sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the busiest driving day of the year than go to a Black Friday sale.

This is all great news for online sellers as long as they have the ability to handle the volume on Monday. Sears has already fallen victim to the high expectations and low tolerance levels of bargain-hunting shoppers. Poor customer service can leave a bad taste in the mouth for many months to come.

Emailvision just posted the results of their little survey which shows 53% of shoppers were influenced by a prior shopping experience. Women were the ones most likely to hold a grudge if they were treated poorly with 59% saying it would impact their decisions of where to shop again in the future.

Are you sure you’re ready for Cyber Monday?