Happy New Year From Marketing Pilgrim

Have a happy and safe new year celebration. We hope 2013 brings you all the best.

We will see you again on Wednesday January 2, 2013.

Happy New Year

Consulting the Marketing Pilgrim Crystal Ball: Trends for 2013

New-Year-2013It’s the last day of the year, time to stop looking back and start looking at the future. Here are my predictions in regard to the hot marketing trends of 2013.

Mobile Done Right

2012 may have been the year mobile marketing found its legs, but 2013 will be the year we get it right. Instead of simply pushing online content out to smartphones and tablets we’ll start creating content specifically designed to take advantage of mobile’s strengths. That means content that can be manipulated by touch, better targeting by location and time zones, and ads that are really tools to help consumers do one thing better and faster.

Customer Service Instead of Daily Deals

Foursquare to Display Full Names In Addition to Other Privacy Changes

foursquare profileFoursquare is one of those unique applications that I thought would fade away before the dawning of 2013. Not so. They emailed everyone they know yesterday to say that they’re celebrating their 3,000,000,000th check-in. And in return for all this user loyalty, they’re loosening up their terms of service – which they say is no big deal at all.

The update, which will go into effect on January 28, 2013, has two, very big changes.

Here’s how they explain it in the “Privacy 101” document.

Mobile Shopping Activities During Holiday Increase Year Over Year

We are so far past the “Year of Mobile” thinking that it’s time to consider how various pieces and parts of the mobile lifestyle are creating a stronger foothold in specific areas of the consumer buying habits. Holiday shopping is one area to be very cognizant of this since many retailers depend on the holiday season to either ‘make or break’ their year.

Overall, there are reports that this holiday season was a disappointment to retailers as a whole. Mobile shopping habits may not create more sales, but if it is becoming the way that more shoppers are buying, no matter how much or how little that might be, it is a key element for marketers to be looking at as the plans start for the 2013 holiday shopping season and beyond.

So just how are consumers using mobile to shop during the holiday push? A study reported by eMarketer that was performed by GfK Roper for SapientNitro shows that consumers are doing more with their mobile devices as they shop.

2011 2012 Comparison of How Shoppers Use Smartphones

Smart Device Activations Break Records on Christmas Day

Shoppers said they were going to be more cautious with their spending this holiday season, but that didn’t stop millions of people from putting iPhones, iPads and other smart devices under the Christmas tree.

Flurry detected a record number of smart device activations on December 25 – a whopping 17.5 million. That’s a 332% increase over the average. For those of you who are visual learners. . . .


This beats last years, record-breaking number of 6.8 million, single-day, activations.

Though smartphones usually out-do tablet activations, on Christmas it was a pretty even split with tablets squeaking ahead with 51%. Many of those tablets were iPads but Kindle did very well with their Kindle Fire line.

H-appy Holidays

Amazon Matches Record High for Holiday Shopping Satisfaction

Amazon made it through another holiday season with big bucks and a whole lot of happy customers. According to ForeSee’s annualĀ  Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index, Amazon matched their record high with an 88 out of 100, the best score on the chart.

26 other online retailers came in at 80 or above, which is a very impressive score. They include LLBean.com, QVC.com and Vistaprint. But for the average retailer, customer satisfaction appears to have hit a sticking point. Look at this comparison of the rise in online spending versus the rise in customer satisfaction.

foresee customer satisfaction

Makes me wonder what it is we’re missing. If Amazon is only an 88, what would be a 100 in customer’s minds? A personal shopper that does all the work for you? Free merchandise? Items made to order? Cracking the 90 spot doesn’t seem possible.

Worldwide Ad Spend Growth Reveals Which Economies Are Struggling

A recent study by eMarketer gives an interesting look into the world’s various economies. Sure it’s only one metric but it is pretty telling to see just how much the US and Western Europe as a whole are a drag on overall ad spend growth numbers worldwide.

Total Media Ad Spend By Country

Let’s face it folks, politicians can say whatever they want but if we listen to them then shame on us. The economy is still sputtering along at best in the traditional economic strongholds like the US and companies are reflecting that sluggishness in how they are willing to spend to promote their wares.