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Being Social in the Bathroom

We hope you don’t find this post to be a load of crap but this video from Mashable is flush with information about social media use in the loo (did I get that right readers in Great Britain?) by young ‘adults’ (and some more actually usable data about other uses of social media). The data comes from a report by Nielsen.

Apparently one turd third of this group is social in the bathroom. Ahh, to be young again ………. (Note: There is an ad as the lead in to the video and you can’t opt out although I have to admit the product is pretty cool).

What better way to stay in touch than when you are finally sitting down for a moment during your busy day, right?

By the way, our own Cynthia Boris covered this report yesterday quite well so why not take a look for some more information (Although she also did manke mention of the bathroom stuff. Great minds think alike?

  • Sheila

    Nothing says ‘I’m taking the time to focus on you my friend’ more than the sound of flushing toilets. ;-)

    • Frank Reed

      Warms the heart doesn’t it?