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Google, I have a confession to make. I’ve been sneaking around behind your back with Bing and I’m sorry. Bing’s not as smart as you but he’s better looking. But the real reason I’ve strayed is for the gifts. Bing showers me with Amazon and Starbucks gift cards — how’s a girl supposed to say no to that?

But I’ve come to learn that Bing just wants to be like you, Google. Every day, in every way. Take Bing’s snapshot column for example. It used to be all about restaurants and services. Now, they have snapshots for people and places, too. The most commonly asked for information appears right there on the page as soon as you hit the search button, along with the traditional list of links. Bing does take it a step further, offering a third column for comments by my friends. That’s a nice touch but honestly, not all that helpful to me.

Google, I know you offer your own version of the snapshot column so I thought I’d be fair and compare. Bing on the left, Google on the right.

Sorry for the blurry image, Google, I wasn’t trying to make you look bad, but your profile column is much wider than Bing’s so size kind of mattered. (Note that the Google side also includes a photo, but it’s on the right out of the frame.)

From this we see that both sites are pulling info from Wikipedia. They both display the same basic information. Bing separates TV shows and movies, Google doesn’t. Basically, it’s a wash.

Let’s look at Bing’s new Places snapshot. Bing on left, Google on right.

Again, Google’s strip is wider, so I couldn’t make it fit evenly. But whoa – some big differences here. Zoom in on Hours. According to Bing they open at 9:00 am. Google says 10:00. Even bigger, Bing says it’s closed on the weekends. What? The Discovery Science Center is a family science museum in Orange County. It’s a huge attraction and it’s open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas. If I were to rely on Bing, I’d go somewhere else next Saturday and that’s a big loss for the museum. Suppose that was your theater or your mini golf course, many people won’t look any further, they’ll just assume Bing is right.

I also like that Google shows a photo of the location along with the map at the top. I don’t understand where Bing is pulling their photo from. It’s not helpful. Bing also doesn’t show the actual address which made me double check to see if I had the right place.

Bing shows reviews, Google has them under a tab. They have a “score” – in this case 20. I have no idea what that means. I would assume it’s out of 100 which would be bad. Why leave me guessing Google? Google also gives me suggestions for other locations that are similar. I know these locations and they’re good options. The only thing missing that I’d like to see is the admission price. Also, a live link. For that I have to go left into the actual search results. So odd.

Overall, when it comes to Places, Google wins by a mile. Better layout, more information and correct information – that’s a biggie.

Bing, you’re fun as a fling, but you still haven’t found the key to my heart. Keep trying.

  • I have been using Bing as my default for the past year or so. 😉

  • I think bing is very successfull as my default !

  • Luke Johnstone

    My lovely writer, as a developer, Bing sucks. It really sucks. Google provides fast links under common searchs such as “Download” or “Contact us”. Going down to raw network calls, Google is 500ms faster to return the result than Bing.

    • Someone

      Google is much better. I don’t what it is–maybe the instant search results? The fact that the information is a lot more relevant than it is on Bing? Anyway, Bing’s claim doesn’t add up. I played about 14 times on their Bing vs. Google. Google won about 10 of those times…

  • Holly Jackson

    Cynthia ..Great review. I did the recently advertised Bing vs Google test, and I think i still prefer Google!

  • Anonymous

    Can bing do tricks no its a Google thing go Google.

  • ki

    only problem i have with google is when i type in the search engine it’s like poppin up all these results and freezing my words as im typing them, but I hear this is only my computer or im the only one having the problem.
    Other than that they’re good.

  • John Smith

    BING is great for people with boring lives and who will sell out quality for a few cheesy gifts. The author of this article states this fact very well. GOOGLE is for serious people who don’t buy into gimmicks.