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We told you last Thursday about how Instragram (well, let’s face it, it’s really Facebook) had disabled sharing with Twitter Cards.

Well, yesterday the inevitable took place and the photo sharing service shut down any capability to share a photo with Twitter (other than a URL). An update to last week’s status report from Twitter confirms this.

Update: Dec 9, 3:10pm PST
Instagram has disabled photo integration with Twitter. As a result, photos are no longer appearing in Tweets or user photo galleries.

While tweeting links to Instagram photos is still possible, you can no longer view the photos on Twitter, as was previously the case.

Will not sharing tweets in Facebook be next? (I sure hope so!).

All Things D has reported that Twitter is trying to introduce its own photo butchering doctoring filtering service. Just what we need right?

Forget Lo-Fi and Toaster. There may be a sepia-toned little bird under the tree this Christmas.

Twitter is making a big push to release a series of photo filters to be used inside the official Twitter app before the end of the year, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The goal is to release the camera filters in an application update in time for the holiday season, these sources say.

It looks like we are rapidly moving toward a social world where there will be less and less sharing across platforms as each one acquires its own version of the same types of add-on services to their distinct social foundation.

What do you think of that?

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  • Cynthia Boris

    My feeling used to be that we don’t need to share the same information in 10 different places but lately I’ve changed my mind. I’ve come to notice that different people follow me on Twitter than follow me on Facebook – which is good for most things. But it does make me think about where to put things I want to say. For example, if its’ of interest to my family, it goes on Facebook because I don’t believe they follow me on Twitter. Also, Twitter is so fast moving, it’s really about the quick hit.

    I do think that disabling Instagram was a bad move. A lot the people I follow use it and I like having the photo right there in the stream. But either way, I won’t lose sleep over it as it was all change again in two months.

    • This was Instagram’s doing. Twitter was not forcing this one.

  • great information and good work from you…..

  • Rob

    One of the only reasons I liked using Instagram was because it would aggregate my photos on my Twitter account. This is going to be a huge blow to the platform.