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What’s just as common as presents under the tree this time of year? Why, a family disagreement of course!

Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi, has experienced the feeling of Facebook not being so private even if that is the intent of a post. A picture she shared privately amongst friends (well, that’s at least what she was led to believe) showed up in the Twitter feed of VoxMedia’s director or marketing and projects, Callie Schweitzer. The photo was of a private Zuckerberg family moment.


Other than the fact that there is a bazillionaire smirking in the background the photo is pretty normal. It was, however, deemed to be as private as Randi Zuckerberg’s ability to share it on Facebook made it. And once shared on Twitter by Ms.Schweitzer, well, let’s just say it didn’t appear to make Randi too happy.

Randi Zuckerberg Scolding

Ms. Schweitzer apologizes

Schweitzer Apology Tweet

It appears as if there’s a bit of confusion as to how this photo even crossed paths with Ms. Schweitzer. She subscribes to Ms. Zuckerberg’s updates but Randi has another theory.

Zuckerberg Explanation Tweet

And the net result is a digital scolding via a lesson in online sharing etiquette from Ms. Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg Digital Lesson Tweet

All pretty innocuous in the end but it does serve a fair amount of irony since it appears that even within his own family Mark Zuckerberg is creating privacy issues since his rules of engagement are unclear and the general handling of these issues online is a relative issue (ok, pun intended).

Lesson here? Be careful. If you think anything is private on the Internet then you may be simply drinking the Internet privacy Kool-Aid even if that tasty drink comes from someone close to you.

Thanks to Mashable and BuzzFeed for the background information.

  • I lol’d consistently throughout this post. Nice title, btw. I wouldn’t be commenting without it…

    Nonetheless, I think we’ll be seeing the whole “privacy” concern dissipate in the coming years. People will soon realize that there is risk in posting ANYTHING on a social network. Ie. pictures, videos, or statuses. Furthermore, businesses need to pay attention to their privacy on social, review, and publication sites. What they say could quickly turn into a customer service, public relations, or even a legal disaster. Let it be known that you shouldn’t point fingers at anyone IF YOU or YOUR BUSINESS posted something that was “private” or something you expect the rights to.


  • Seriously though, the hoodie thing is getting annoying