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Millennials are those people born between 1980 and 1995 and they’re a very powerful consumer group. Though many around the world are struggling to find jobs, they’re finding new ways to make money and influence those around them.

Edelman found a shift in thinking when they compared the results of their latest study to a benchmark study back in 2010. The age group as a whole has grown up. Many are now parents, they have their own homes and responsibilities. This change in lifestyle has added a layer of realism to the once totally idealistic group.

The best news to come out of the study is that this group is very open to marketing, with only 3% saying that all advertising is boring. Still, they won’t tolerate the same, old thing they’ve seen before. They want to be entertained. They want to participate and if they see something they like, they’ll share it with the world. But if they see something they don’t like, they’ll share that, too.

Here’s something I like – Piktochart – the website that helps you build infographics for free. Since there wasn’t a lot of data in this report, I thought I’d try my hand. It’s my first infograph, so be kind.

Want to make your own infographic? Give Piktochart a try. It’s entertaining and it’s collaborative – it’s everything a Millennial small business owner could want in an online tool. Hoorah!

  • Thank you for this Cynthia. I will be most definitely making use out of this tool. Great find and interesting facts too.

  • And since being most of the users belongs to this Millennial period, as well as the online developers and analysts, the emphasis in the SEO world has been quite stressed upon building more and creative infographic content for a wetter web experience for the users as well as the site owners.