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I know I said I was done talking about the Black Friday / Cyber Monday spectacular of 2012 – but I changed my mind, or lied, which ever makes you feel better.

comScore Data Mine has a sweet new infographic that boldly tells the tale of a fake holiday gone viral. Think about it. The term is credited to who came up with it in 2004 after noting that the Monday after Thanksgiving was one of the biggest days for online shopping.

They put it in a press release and it stuck. Now, it’s not just a term marketers use, it’s become as common as the term Black Friday and it’s breaking all records.

Online sales on Cyber Monday topped 1,465 million dollars. An increase of 17% over last year. Why do you think that is? Is it because more retailers are offering great deals on Cyber Monday or is it simply that more people are shopping online? Maybe a combination of both.

This year, more stores than ever offered the same deals online as they offered in stores, so why stand in line at 4 am. But it’s also interesting to note that the extended shopping weekend hasn’t hurt Cyber Monday sales. Not only did stores open on Thanksgiving, some, like Amazon, scattered deals throughout the holiday week. With all that, Cyber Monday still came out on top.

What and Where

What did people buy on Cyber Monday?

Video games and accessories were up but only 18%. Computers and Electronics did better with a 22% and 24% lift. The big winner? Digital Content and Subscriptions up 28%. Now, I find that very odd. Were there a lot of content deals on Cyber Monday? We often see a burst of digital content sales right after Christmas when everyone is filling up their new smartphones and tablets, but before? I simply can’t figure that one at all.

Employers will be unhappy to note that 47.1% Cyber Monday spending was done from work with an almost equal amount (47.2%) happening at home.

Want to see the full infographic? Just click here and enjoy.