Jay Miletsky Talks with Marketing Pilgrim About Getting Started in Online Video

In October 2012, 183 million U.S. Internet users watched more than 37 billion online content videos, while video ad views reached nearly 11 billion. (comScore) YouTube was responsible for a large portion of those views, but not all of them. Online video is growing all across the internet and on mobile and it can be a money-maker for small business.

On one side, business’ can bring in new customers with informative videos and increase brand awareness. Then there’s the business of video – earning money from ads and becoming a YouTube star.

I know that getting started with video can be intimidating, so I talked went to Jay Miletsky, CEO of MyPod Studios for some advice. MyPod is a portal that aggregates quality video under content categories with each brand getting its own “Pod.” No piano playing cats and grandpop falling off the skateboard. They feature only videos you can use.

Google+ Communities and Snapseed for Android Announced

I am convinced more than ever, especially in light of the almost serendipitous news of the Instagram and Twitter ‘issue’ (serendipitous for Google that is), that Google+ is more than I have given it credit for up until now.

Sure there are not as many people blah, blah, blah but what resides there are things that are focused more on productivity than wasting time. Of course, you can waste plenty of time there as well but why do that when you can do other things.

One of those is become part of the new Google+ Communities. Here’s a video

I have admitted it before here on Marketing Pilgrim and will do it again right now, I have underestimated and truly underutilized Google+. This opening paragraph from a TechCrunch post by Drew Olanoff says it well

It’s Facebook, Not Instagram, That’s Flipping Twitter the Bird

By now you have heard about the latest dustup in the social media space where Instagram has essentially blocked users from sharing Instagram photos with Twitter Cards (at least in a way that is actually usable).

While everyone is saying this an Instagram v. Twitter think, let’s be real. Instagram is owned by Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg’s virtual solo purchase of the service before Facebook’s IPO. This is a real battle line being drawn between Facebook and Twitter and this could get ugly. Here’s how Forbes magazine puts it

One More Look at Cyber Monday Before We Move Along

I know I said I was done talking about the Black Friday / Cyber Monday spectacular of 2012 – but I changed my mind, or lied, which ever makes you feel better.

comScore Data Mine has a sweet new infographic that boldly tells the tale of a fake holiday gone viral. Think about it. The term is credited to Shop.org who came up with it in 2004 after noting that the Monday after Thanksgiving was one of the biggest days for online shopping.

They put it in a press release and it stuck. Now, it’s not just a term marketers use, it’s become as common as the term Black Friday and it’s breaking all records.

Google Releases Major Gmail and YouTube Updates for iOS

When Apple removed the native YouTube app after their latest iOS update, I was very, very unhappy. I honestly didn’t realize how often I used the app until it was gone. (Ain’t it always the way.) Google fired back with an iPhone app that you could use on the iPad but it was truly horrible. You had to search in portrait mode then turn to landscape once it started playing and the controls were wonky. Not good. Not good at all.

Last night, I did a round of app updates, went to use YouTube and got an incredible surprise! It was in landscape mode and all pretty and useable again. Yeah! So much yeah, it actually makes me want to spend more time watching videos.

With Mobile Social Sharing, Size Matters

Yeah, I went there.

Anyway, with the latest wave of smaller tablets (Nexus 7 and iPad Mini being the most prominent) moving from marketing hype to consumers’ hands there is evidence that the size of the device being used could be influencing sharing habits.

Tablet publisher and ad provider Onswipe gathered some data recently that gave some insight into how the size difference of a mobile device influences where content and experiences are shared. Of course, much of this has to do with what a person is actually doing. If they are on the couch an iPad is more likely to be used but if they are out and about a smartphone does the trick a bit better. Keep that in mind when you look at this data that was repackaged by eMarketer.

Google Adds New View to Local Searches On iPad

Even though Google’s local ecosystem is a train wreck for businesses themselves that isn’t stopping Google from promoting local results in new ways for iPad users.

Users will now be able to see what Google is calling a ‘horizontal carousel’ so a user can see several results and review data and then see more by swiping. Here is a picture of the new offering followed by what happens when you click on a results box.

Clicking on a result shows this