New Study Looks at How Mobile Fits Into Daily News Consumption

Recently, News Corp announced that they were pulling the plug on their subscription based, mobile only newspaper The Daily. It was a grand attempt to get readers to pay for quality content but it fell far short of expectations. Did News Corp do something wrong, or is it the concept as a whole that is at fault?

Mojiva has some data that could help answer that question. They’re a mobile ad network site that reaches 1.1 billion mobile devices around the world. They just published a new report covering the US and the UK titled “The State of Mobile News Consumption“.  Talk about spot on!

Amy Vale, VP, Global Research and Strategic Communications of Mojiva, Inc. begins with this:

Viggle Jumps into the Holiday Stats Pool With a Cheery Infographic

My favorite social TV app, Viggle has decided to use their great power for the good of online marketers everywhere. They’ve put their vast, TV addicted audience to work on a survey about their holiday shopping intentions, then they packed the results into a jolly infographic just for you. . . and you. . . and you over there sucking on that candy cane.

The mad scientist in me will now dissect said infographic, for your edification and enjoyment.

We start with some good news:

That average spend isn’t too bad. Retailers would like to see more, of course, but $505 is a number most of us can live with.

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Being Social in the Bathroom

We hope you don’t find this post to be a load of crap but this video from Mashable is flush with information about social media use in the loo (did I get that right readers in Great Britain?) by young ‘adults’ (and some more actually usable data about other uses of social media). The data comes from a report by Nielsen.

Apparently one turd third of this group is social in the bathroom. Ahh, to be young again ………. (Note: There is an ad as the lead in to the video and you can’t opt out although I have to admit the product is pretty cool).

What better way to stay in touch than when you are finally sitting down for a moment during your busy day, right?

Firefox Teams With Facebook

I am a Chrome user but this addition to Firefox is pretty interesting. Watch the video to learn more about Facebook Messenger for Firefox. You can also read more at the Firefox blog or this Facebook post.

Pretty neat. Your thoughts?

News Corp Pulls the Virtual Plug on their iPad Newspaper

Falling just short of their two-year anniversary, News Corp is shutting down their iPad newspaper The Daily.

On the surface, this doesn’t sound like big news, but it’s a terrible blow for content producers. You see, The Daily was News Corp’s attempt to show that a digital / mobile was a viable substitute for the printed newspaper. With subscriptions and ad dollars falling, news publishers know they have to go virtual to remain in the game but it’s just not working — not in terms of ad sales or subscriptions.

In 22 months, The Daily acquired 100,000 paying subscribers. The prices varied slightly by device but in general we’re talking $19.99 a year for Kindle, $39.99 for iPad and other tablets. Initially, a lot of subscribers came on board for the novelty, drawn in by the promise of quality journalism in an interactive format.

What Were Consumers Doing for 121 Billion Minutes This Past July?

According to stats-meister Nielsen, in July 2012, US consumers spent 121 billion minutes navigating the shark-infested waters of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the rest — up 37% from July 2011 and that’s quite a feat.

The majority of the time was spent using a traditional computer, but look at mobile. The larger square represents Apps, the smaller, cell phone looking icon represents browser use through a mobile device. Together, they show a 63% increase over last year.

Breaking the numbers down, Nielsen found that women were responsible for most of the social media usage both on the PCA and through mobile. Ages 18-24 ate up the most minutes on the PC but Ages 25-34 snuck ahead on the mobile site, but not by much. Ethnically, speaking Hispanics were way out in front on mobile usage with PC usage being fairly evenly divided.