Paypal Shows Impressive Gains and High Ticket Sales Including a $46,000 Diamond Necklace

paypal iphoneWhen it comes to digital payments, Paypal is miles ahead of the pack. They’ve found a way to make digital easy to use, they make us feel safe doing it and they provide great customer service. They started out as a piggy bank for online purchases but have grown to become a major asset for small businesses providing options for invoicing, accepting mobile payments, even check scanning so you don’t have to go to a bank.

Recently, the company released some impressive numbers to sum things up.

Top Sales

What are people buying with their PayPal accounts? Many are using it to by $20 goodies from eBay or lunch on the run. Some use it to pay bills or to split the check at the end of a night with friends.

YouTube Rewind’s Gangnam Style: The Best of 2012

rewind youtube style 2012If you had any doubt that YouTube’s big year in review video would feature anything other than “Gangnam Style,” then you simply haven’t been paying attention.

Psy’s addictive, Korean dance tune broke all records becoming the most watched video on YouTube ever in only six months. Since then, this song and it’s singer have been featured on TV and dozens of parody videos have popped up including The Hobbit version “Gandolf Style,” the wet and wild “Lifeguard Style” and the out of this world “NASA Johnson Style.”

To honor this breakout hit, YouTube gathered together the top stars from their channel and had them perform their own parodies creating a dual homage.  YouTube Rewind 2012 includes Walk off the Earth, KassemG, iJustine, MysteryGuitarMan, DaveDays, DeStorm, PyroBooby, BarelyPolitical, RealAnnoyingOrange, FreddieW, RhettAndLink, Smosh, CorridorDigital, RyanHiga and scifi fan favorite FeliciaDay.  Leading the pack is Psy himself.

Facebook Nearby Gives Local Searchers A Strong New Option

Facebook Nearby in NavigationI will be really honest with you here. I hate the idea of writing this post.

Why? Well, I have been wanting to get away from Facebook for a while now and it seemed to be getting easier and easier since most “innovation” that was coming from the social media giant was geared toward advertiser experience and not end user experience.

That is until the latest release of Nearby, the local search / discovery feature that is rolling out to Facebook users for both Android and iOS devices. Couple that with an Android app that actually works much better (just released) and I may have to consider sticking around. Crap!

So why the change of heart? Well, Nearby makes sense and it provides useful information. Even in my little town I ‘discovered’ things I was completely unaware of (it should be noted I don’t get out much unless it’s to an event related to my kids so be mindful of that as you read) and the presentation of the information was easy to read, manageable and made sense. Crap!

Here is a really big screenshot to give you an idea

The Lowlights of Instagram’s New Terms of Service

Facebook Instagram Logo BlendIf you just take the Instagram blog post‘s definition of what they are doing with their new terms of services you would think that there is nothing in the new terms of service, set to take hold on January 16, 2013, that anyone should have any concern about.

Our community has grown a lot since we wrote our original terms of service. To get things up to date for the millions of people now using Instagram, we’re bringing you new versions of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Here are a few key updates:

  • Nothing has changed about your photos’ ownership or who can see them.

Nielsen and Twitter Partner on New TV Rating Metric

twitter tvFacebook usually rules the social media game but when you’re talking about TV, Twitter has it wrapped up. Every night, people sit down in front of the TV with their smartphones and tablets in hand and they send out Tweet after Tweet about their favorite shows.  A lot of the Tweets come from second-screen apps such as Viggle and GetGlue, some from series or network specific apps and others are prompted by hashtags and overlays on the show itself.

Some TV shows, like Dancing with the Stars, include real-time Tweets from viewers in their broadcast. Others shows have stars “live Tweeting” during an episode in order to engage viewers and people are responding by the millions. It really is a social media marketing phenomena. So, it makes perfect sense for the king of TV ratings to partner with the king of social TV on a new system of measurement.

Pandora Asks: For the Holidays, Are You Current, Classic or Country?

Pandora let’s you listen to customized music channels from a variety of internet connected devices so you can have a wide selection of music on hand at all times. Since music is such an important part of the holiday season, they conducted a special survey to see how Americans feel about the wintery wonders of Nat King Cole, Mariah Carey and Mannheim Steamroller.

pandora map

We begin the northeast corner of the United States where 52% of the people care more about the music than the food at a holiday party. Keep that in mind before you splurge on gourmet treats for your next gathering.

The midwesterners are the earliest adopters of holiday music on Pandora and I’m not surprised. It’s so cold and snowy up there, they get in the holiday spirit while the rest of us are packing up the bathing suits and buying back-to-school clothes.

YouTube Adds Capture App for iPhone and iPod Touch

This is pretty straightforward and comes from the YouTube blog

YouTube Capture is ready to record as soon as you open it. When you’re done filming, write a caption, select which networks you want to share to, and hit Share. Even if you minimize the app, the video will keep uploading in the background. You can control who sees your video by setting it to private (only you can view it), unlisted (only people with a link to the video can view it), or public (to let it shine to the world).

Check out the video.

Gotta admit that as an Android user I don’t understand the Apple first approach on apps like this but hey, what do I know?