Year in Review: Google Looks Back at 2012

here's to 2012I have usurped Frank as the Year in Review Queen! It’s not that I’m any better prepared to present the information, it’s just that he didn’t look so good in the cape and the gown.

Onward, I say – to the Google 2012 year in review which they call Zeitgeist 2012 (presumably because it sounds so much cooler.)

In addition to a magnificent, inspiring video, they’ve also put together a website that slices and dices the most searched data of the past year in a variety of ways.

One option is the global map and timeline. Here you can browse the biggest events of the year by clicking on the associated time or place.

google map

Terillion Acquires Hotel Guest Review Company GuestComment

As you may recall, this past summer saw my involvement in the launch of an exciting startup named GuestComment. Earlier today, Terillion, a leader in reputation management and marketing, acquired GuestComment.

GuestComment will join a stable of very impressive products offered by Terillion. Terillion’s CEO, Jon Black stated, “GuestComment will fit in perfectly with Terillion’s product offering. Terillion’s mission is to promote and protect the reputation of the best products and companies on the planet, and with the acquisition of GuestComment, along with Terillion’s other esteemed brands–this mission will prevail.”

In addition to the acquisition, Terillion will work closely with Trackur over the coming months to bring its industry leading social media monitoring to the company’s products.

Structured Data for Events Made Easy Through Google’s Data Highlighter

Google is trying to make structured data something even a non-tech type can create. A new product called Data Highlighter allows the creation of structured data for events only (currently). Here is a quick video describing the service.

The Google Webmaster Central blog post about the service tells us

Until now, marking up your site’s HTML code has been the only way to indicate structured data to Google. However, we recognize that markup may be hard for some websites to deploy.

Today, we’re offering webmasters a simpler alternative: Data Highlighter. At initial launch, it’s available in English only and for structured data about events, such as concerts, sporting events, exhibitions, shows, and festivals. We’ll make Data Highlighter available for more languages and data types in the months ahead.

Google Maps App for iOS Released

Tired of being taken to desert locations in Australia when all you wanted to do was visit a nice little town?

Scared that your use of Apple Maps will bring to the Google Plex when you really wanted to go to Apple’s HQ (there is absolutely no record of that happening but it would be very funny, wouldn’t it?).

Well fear no more because the Google Maps app for iOS is in the App Store. Think we are misguiding you? Take a look! The video is pure marketing so don’t expect much.

The introduction in the App Store description reads

Unruly Reveals the Top Brands and Concepts on the Social Video Charts

If you want to know what’s happening in the social video space, look no further than Unruly’s Viral Video Chart. This constantly changing Top 20 list is a window into the wacky world of online video but it’s also proof of the enormous power behind this new kind of media.

Take a look at this chart which shows the most shared social video brands of the past year.

unruly most shared brands

I was surprised to see Google on the top of the list because I couldn’t think of a single “Google brand” video. So I went searching and found. . . ironically, that they just released their annual Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review. This video encapsulates all of the most searched stories of the year in under 3 minutes. It’s very inspiring. So here’s one more share for Google who climbed six places to make the top of the viral chart.

Year in Review: Best Company Pages on LinkedIn

Welcome back to the Pilgrimmy Awards. Our next category is Best Company Pages on LinkedIn.

Cynthia: I thought only Facebook had company pages.

Frank: No, LinkedIn also has them, but instead of being pages aimed at consumers, they’re B2B.

Cynthia: B2B? Sounds like something we shouldn’t be discussing in public! (Insert fake laugh) And the nominees are. . . .


Cynthia: And the Pilgrimmy goes to. . .  HubSpot!

If you didn’t make the cut this year, LinkedIn has a few tips for better company pages:

  • Add an image that welcomes visitors to your page and showcases your brand.
  • Post status updates to start a conversation with your target audience.

Save to Drive Chrome Extension and Image Enhancements from Google

Save to Drive Chrome ExtensionGoogle is busy putting together more and more pieces of rather widespread and increasingly comprehensive set of productivity tools that one day might, just might, make people use all of them and see their interconnectedness (Did I channel my inner Buddhist? Nope. I didn’t think so either).

Among the latest additions are a Chrome extension that helps you save images to your Google Drive account. The other is a way to use the images once they are in Drive.

First the extension which is called Save to Drive (clever). From the Google Drive blog we get this

The new Save to Drive Chrome extension gives you a few new ways to capture content from anywhere on the web and store it neatly in Drive. After you install the extension, you can click on the Drive extension icon to save: