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The Wall Street Journal published this nice comparison of the powers that be on the Internet.

Let’s face it, if these services went away today would the vast majority of the world find the Internet as useful and manageable? Of course, one could argue that other players would ‘fill the void’ but imagine that there weren’t those either.

Imagine there was always just average search engines (if any at all). Imagine if you had to go everywhere for everything instead of landing at Amazon and shopping for it all. Imagine no Facebook (that one is a little easier to do I must admit) or that Apple and its app world didn’t help make sense of it all.

Hmmm. What do you think?

Big Four Compariosn

  • Cynthia Boris

    I would truly miss search engines, especially Google and Amazon. Though I must say, I also miss the thrill of the hunt, back in the day when you had to dig around to discover treasures. These two sites have made the treasure hunt somewhat obsolete.

  • I can’t imagine internet working without Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook. I know there must be something else if they are not present but what they are and how effective they are? Stop it, I am quite happy that all these are present.

  • I suppose that I’d have very little to write about!

  • These sites made my life easier so I would surely take more time searching for products, people etc when all of these are gone. It’s like a person’s all in one package in the net if you have all of these together.

  • Rukshia

    OMG! Here are the gap fillers

    Yahoo – Google

    Twitter – Facebook

    Ebay – Amazon

    Blackberry – Apple