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Yeah, I went there.

Anyway, with the latest wave of smaller tablets (Nexus 7 and iPad Mini being the most prominent) moving from marketing hype to consumers’ hands there is evidence that the size of the device being used could be influencing sharing habits.

Tablet publisher and ad provider Onswipe gathered some data recently that gave some insight into how the size difference of a mobile device influences where content and experiences are shared. Of course, much of this has to do with what a person is actually doing. If they are on the couch an iPad is more likely to be used but if they are out and about a smartphone does the trick a bit better. Keep that in mind when you look at this data that was repackaged by eMarketer.

Facebook is dominant in iPhone users (not sure where the Android folks fit in here but that’s a different discussion altogether) which makes sense since being out somewhere is one of the reasons people like to brag share on Facebook. Sitting on your couch pushing articles and kitten pictures around the web is still ‘cool’ (I guess) but lends more to email sharing (maybe because people don’t like broadcasting that they are sitting at home on their couch pushing content and cute puppy posters rather than actually living).

What Onswipe’s efforts also found, which isn’t all that new but it is still somewhat shocking, is just how dominant Apple is in the tablet space. This chart says volumes doesn’t it?

We are still very early in the smaller tablet form factor era but the data over time should bear out this initial take. Is that a safe assumption or do you have another opinion? If you do, please share. After all, everyone is doing it.

  • What if my couch is outside? lol what should i use then

    • Not to sound rude but that may be a redneck situation and I am not qualified to answer those questions :-). (By the way, I live in the south so I can say those things).

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