Small Business Owners Name LinkedIn as the Most Useful Social Network

wsj-most useful social mediaThe Wall Street Journal asked small business owners which social media sites they used most often and which had the most potential to be useful in the future.

As you can see, LinkedIn came out on top, not only as the most used but look at that potential score. They beat every other side, even Facebook, with a big stick.

But, as I’ve said many times before, results are results but how you interpret them can vary. In this case, I’d like to see what kinds of businesses answered this survey. I can totally understand LinkedIn being the number one choice if the majority of the companies were B2B. LinkedIn excels in the area of industry networking.

Multiple Balances, One Gift Card: Facebook Introduces a New Piece of Plastic

facebook gift cardAll hail the guy who invented the gift card. These nifty bits of plastic allow you to buy what you want with someone else’s money. It doesn’t get better than that.

The only downside to gift cards is that you have to carry them in your wallet, remember to use them and mentally keep track of how much is left on each one. Facebook has a solution – sort of.

Introducing the Facebook Card, which isn’t what you think it is when you hear the name.

The Facebook Card is a gift card that has nothing to do with Facebook except that you buy it through the site. Here’s how it works:

Next Stop for Google’s Flight Search Is Regional Results

I am originally from New Jersey and I have much of my family and many friends in the NY/NJ area. When I go ‘home’ (if I am not driving) I have a few options for airports but it’s never easy to see if it’s worth flying into LaGuardia v. Newark for a particular trip. It’s a hassle to check flights to each airport separately.

Google sees that in some areas like the New York region it makes sense to give regional flight information rather than just per airport so they are doing just that. Here’s a screenshot I took of a search result.

Google Region Flight Search

The Best of Foursquare Features Top Check-ins Per City

newbestof_badge-copy_240People love lists.

People believe lists.

Foursquare recognizes that and has now created ‘Best of’ lists for cities which will help Foursquare users see where people go and inspire businesses to push their Foursquare presence more.

The Foursquare blog tells us

These best of lists are based on the ratings we give to millions of places on Foursquare. We use signals like tips, likes, dislikes, popularity, local expertise, and nearly 3 billion check-ins from over 30 million people worldwide to determine how much people love a place. The Best of Foursquare pulls together lists of the places people love most in cities across the U.S., from caf├ęs and pizzerias to museums and bookstores.

Taking Google’s New Image Search for a Test Drive

Last week, Google announced that they were going to make changes to their image search tool. They said it was going to be faster, more beautiful and more intuitive. Guess what – they were right.

Come along while I take Google’s new image search for a test drive.

Keyword: The Birds

At first, image search looks just like it did before the switch. But once you click on a photo, everything changes.

The chosen photo used to load in an iframe on top of the source page. This was cumbersome and didn’t always function as it was supposed to. Now, the rows split apart and the chosen photo appears in a wide, black bar that fills three-quarters of the screen.

Which is Better Mobile Apps or Mobile Sites?

app development snipThe first month I owned an iPhone, I discovered that not all websites are created equal. Many of my favorite sites were hard to read or totally inaccessible through the browser on my phone. Apps, however, were a joy to behold and I couldn’t get enough of them.

Now that I’m more of an iPad user, the browser is less of a problem. I still run into sites that don’t function properly but it’s not as big of an issue. (At the moment, I’m unhappy with because I can’t watch full episodes of their shows via my iPad.)

I don’t know if it’s the iPad that is making the difference, but I suspect that more websites have taken the time to optimize for mobile. Going forward, we should see even more sites coming around thanks to HTML5, a collection of coding options that makes websites more responsive, more interactive, more impressive.

RIM Is Now BlackBerry But Will It Matter?

BlackBerry is trying to be cool again.

It’s no longer Research in Motion (RIM). It’s just BlackBerry. OK nice start. But then we switch into hype mode by their ‘hiring’ of Alicia Keys as BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director. Oh and there is the marketing play promoted in this video

I get it. They want to be cool. They want to be relevant. But didn’t BlackBerry miss that train quite a few years ago?

So will you be considering handing in your iPhone or Android device for a BlackBerry any time soon?