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Facebook Pages Manager for AndroidBack in May of 2012 Facebook introduced its Facebook Page Manager app for iOS users worldwide. Just a week ago the Android version was released for those in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Now, according to All Facebook the Android version of the app is available just about everywhere now.

Facebook finally introduced Pages Manager for Android recently, but only to users in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. On Wednesday, Facebook rolled it out to users in the U.S. and the U.K., as well as all Google Play-supported countries.

The application was previously visible in the Google Play store, but not available for download unless you lived in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

Now, all Android users who have the ability to download apps from the Google Play store have the full functionality of Pages Manager — something their iOS brethren have had since the Apple app launched in May 2012.

This is pretty self explanatory as a feature. One thing to consider though is that with the proliferation of Android devices in use (I am a Samsung SG3 user myself) will this kind of delay be a smart move in the future? It used to be pretty easy to make the ‘develop for iOS first’ decision a few short years ago but now can 8 month delays in rolling out functions like this to everyone using an Android device be the norm? If you are serious about mobile, I would say not.

Even if Google and Facebook are becoming sworn enemies there is no benefit to Facebook in shortchanging those in the Google OS device crowd just because you want them to be shut out for a while or whatever ridiculous excuse is being floated internally by Facebook for this kind of tiered product rollout.

One thing that Facebook will have to face (yes I went there) as it tries to get its share of revenue from the mobile world as demanded by pesky shareholders, is that Android no longer is a distant cousin to the iOS crowd. Let’s face it, it is rapidly becoming an equal if it’s not there already.

I don’t think Facebook would be silly enough to hold full Android releases of important apps back for any reason other than maybe they don’t have the skills in the mobile space to get it all done at once? After all, the real reason that the IPO flopped initially was the doubts around the company’s ability to capitalize on the mobile market.

Is this just more evidence of how far behind they might be? Too harsh? What’s your thought?

Note: Visit the All Facebook post for a deep dive into the app itself.