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Ever notice how quick the online marketing industry is to race to the next ‘big’ thing without ever quite completing the mastery of the previous next big thing?

It’s probably the least endearing quality of the industry since it ends up leaving a lot of disillusioned folks in its wake but that’s the price of progress, I suppose.

One group that has always been viewed as lagging behind is the B2B marketer. Based on findings from a BtoB Magazine study as reported by eMarketerthis group is focusing their sites most in 2013 on the most basic of elements; their websites.

Digital Marketing Techniques B2B

I say this is actually very good news. Sure it’s important to be paying attention to everything else the online marketing buffet table has to offer like organic search, social, paid search and more but, in the end, if your website is not up to speed then everything else you are doing will suffer. Why? People are still conditioned to turn to websites for information and if you paint a beautiful picture of your product / service everywhere else on the web but your website sucks well then you have essentially shot yourself in the online foot.

B2B marketers are using their sites to be the main place where their content marketing lives as well.

B2B Content Marketing Channels

All in all this is a good sign for the B2B space. Paying attention to the basics sure isn’t very sexy but it’s essential. Why don’t we do it more?

Where are you with your web presence? Does your website leave your visitors wanting more? Are your calls to action in good working order? Will your website live up to the hype of your social media efforts? So many questions but so little attention since there is another ‘next big thing’ just up ahead. Can you afford to keep going this way?