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200 million linked inLinkedIn, the business-oriented social media network just registered their 200 millionth member. I wonder if that person got a prize or at least a digital badge for his profile. . . . the press release didn’t say. What it did say is that LinkedIn has doubled its membership since 2011 and I say, more power to them.

Over the past year, LinkedIn has worked hard to carve out a special niche in the social media world. They’ve added new tools and redesigned the site to make it more relevant. For example, they added the ability to target status updates to a specific group of followers and they added a self-serve video ad platform to take advantage of this hot trend in marketing.

How about a few more LinkedIn facts?

  • After the US, India, Brazil and the UK have the most LinkedIn members.
  • The fastest growing countries are Turkey, Columbia and Indonesia.
  • Approximately 2 new members sign up every second. Let me stop here and welcome the 10 new people who just came on board.

Who is hanging out LinkedIn? Let’s find out.

linkedin industries

Not a surprise that tech companies have a strong hold on the site, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good fit for everyone else. I visited LinkedIn yesterday looking for a prop maker and was surprised to find an active group for people in the haunted house business. I was also excited to see names I recognize on the site — not just people I’ve worked with but influencers in a variety of fields.

Speaking of influencers, back in November, Sir Richard Branson became the first  LinkedIn Thought Leader to have 1 million followers. Other popular thought leaders include Barrack Obama, Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins.

The first time I visited LinkedIn, it felt like an online phone book for business connections. Now, it functions as a community, a business newspaper, and as a source for contacts in almost every field. There’s a benefit here for everyone from the recent college grad at the start of their career to the seasoned vet. Not a member yet? Help them fulfill their claim of a new member every two seconds and go sign up now.

For infographic lovers: LinkedIn Hits 200 Million