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Every marketers dream is to have their message passed around by people. Those messages come in a variety of delivery devices like the written word, images and more but the one type of content that people like to share the most is video.

A recent study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence titled “Mobile Phone Video Diaries: Understanding Mobile Video Usage” shows that people pass videos around. That may not come as a surprise but what might is the second most popular way these videos are shared which is, unfortunately, an area of concern for marketers.

iab Image for sharing video on device

Note that in the methods of sharing, right after sharing on a social network, is “show others on my own device”. While that is definitely a form of sharing (I am picturing the “Hello!” football video commercial for AT&T which I had to search to remember the brand!) the troubling part of this for marketers is measuring this kind of sharing. On the surface, this appears to be something that can’t be done very accurately. Not being able to track something accurately for marketers is a very bad thing these days.

How are you overcoming new areas of marketing where analytics and measurement are still near impossible to track but will be asked for by people looking to see just what marketing has, or has not, done for a business?

  • Cynthia Boris

    Here’s what blew my mind this week. In the same day, my college-age son and an over 60 family friend both told me about the same video they watched on YouTube – neither heard the other talk about it, it was totally spontaneous, one of those silly prank videos but that shows you the wide range of folks getting pulled in by online video.

  • That’s what is also scary for marketers. How to they truly measure the impact if you visited that video? Based on the advice of a college kid or someone nearer retirement age? Also, if you never personally click on it but see it how would they know? if it was product oriented and you ultimately purchased even indirectly due to that sharing how would a marketer give attribution? Only on what can be directly measured so the impact of the video has to be guessed at to a great degree and, well, we know how C-level folks like guesses these days …….