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I am originally from New Jersey and I have much of my family and many friends in the NY/NJ area. When I go ‘home’ (if I am not driving) I have a few options for airports but it’s never easy to see if it’s worth flying into LaGuardia v. Newark for a particular trip. It’s a hassle to check flights to each airport separately.

Google sees that in some areas like the New York region it makes sense to give regional flight information rather than just per airport so they are doing just that. Here’s a screenshot I took of a search result.

Google Region Flight Search

Admittedly the example given on the ITA Software blog is a lot sexier though as it shows how this idea would work for a trip to Hawaii. Of course, I would just visit the Go Visit Hawaii blog for the absolute best information about Hawaii vacations but I am biased :-).

FS regional queries image

While the world concentrates on social search Google is relatively quietly building more and more functionality into their ‘traditional’ search. Social signals are great and they are definitely influential but oftentimes data is data no matter how much someone likes something. If Google continues to provide the world with that kind of information they may not have to worry about what the others are doing.

What’s your take?