Twitter Enhances Embedded Tweets and Bieber Beats Gaga For the Most Followers

When composing a blog post, you can embed a photo, a video, a chart, a slide show and now an enhanced Tweet!

Twitter has just redesigned their embedded Tweet system so you get more content in an easy to read format. A Tweet embedded on any website now returns the same information you’d see on, including photos, videos and article summaries. It also includes retweet and favorite numbers.

Here’s a sample. I’m using the new Twitter embedded Tweet code for the Tweet about the new Twitter embed code. Got it?

Here’s a better example from Fox’s new show The Following.

1 in 5 Facebook Ad Dollars is Spent on Mobile

This past September, Facebook crossed the one billion member mark. 600 million of those people accessed the site using a mobile device.  The majority of smartphone hits are coming in off of an Android device, while Apple’s iPad accounts for the majority of the tablet hits.

What’s really incredible is that one year ago, Facebook didn’t have ads on their mobile apps but once they filed their IPO it became a huge priority.

A year later, its an entirely different picture:


The numbers come from a report by Kenshoo Social and eMarketer agrees, they’re in the right ballpark. They quote stats from Cowen and Company which come in with a slightly lower split but it’s still good news for Facebook. Look at the predicted climb over the next few years.

There’s A New Mobile OS in Town: Firefox

Thought it was enough to have iOS and Android mobile platform concerns while still knowing that BlackBerry is still lurking about?

Well, now you can check out a developers version of the new Firefox mobile OS.

Firefox OS

From the Mozilla announcement

Firefox OS is a new mobile operating system built entirely using open web standards. In Firefox OS, HTML5 apps can do “phone things” – they can make the phone vibrate, make a phone call or send a text message.

This week we are announcing our new Firefox OS developer preview phones because we believe that developers will help bring the power of the web to mobile. These developer phones are being developed by Geeksphone in partnership with Telefonica and Geeksphone.

Online Marketing Jobs from Marketing Pilgrim’s Job Board

JobsIf you are looking for a new job in the new year then you should check out the Marketing Pilgrim Internet Marketing Job Board.

If you are looking for that perfect hire you would be hard pressed to find a better audience than ours for just $27 / per month per listing as well.

Here is a quick sampling of some of the jobs listed currently.

Sr. Paid Search Analyst – – New York City

Senior Marketing Analyst, Paid Search – Target – Minneapolis, MN

Social Media Community Manager – Shell Oil Company – Houston, TX

Digital Marketing Coordinator – Genworth Financial Equity Home Access, Inc. – Rancho Cordova, CA

Senior Engagement Manager, Digital Media – Akamai Technologies – Bellvue, WA

Experts Predict 14 Billion Dollar Increase in Mobile Commerce in 2013

sephora to goMobile has been very, very good to beauty product retailer Sephora. Speaking at Mobile Marketer’s Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2013 conference, exec Johnna Marcus noted that the company saw a 167% increase in mobile orders last year, a 75% rise in mobile traffic and more than 50% of their email opens are now coming in from mobile devices.

Their goal is to develop mobile as a consumer’s personal shopper delivering reviews, keeping track of preferred brands and highlighting hot, new items on an on-going basis. They’re also highly invested in the concept of a mobile wallet that integrates with the Sephora gift card. And see that scan button in the upper corner of the app? That allows consumers to scan barcodes on in-store packages or items in their girlfriend’s purse in order to instantly see reviews and buying options. It’s a make-up lovers dream.

Study Shows Students Don’t Spend As Much Time on Facebook as They Think

clockHow much time do you spend on Facebook every day?

Students in a study by Harvard’s Berkman Center Professor Reynol Junco came back with an average of 149 minutes. Almost two and a half hours a day! But that’s not the crazy part.

Junco suspected that the number was off because they usually are when you ask people to report on their own behavior. So he installed a tracking device (with permission) in the computers of his students then added up the time for them.

Self-reported time: 149 minutes.

Actual time spent of Facebook: 26 minutes.

Wow. How can people be off by that much?

One option is that the very fact that they were being monitored changed their behavior. If you knew you were being watched, wouldn’t you spend less time of Facebook?

Social Drives Little Traffic to Retailer Sites During Holidays

Not sure what to make of this.

On one hand it sounds like a problem when a study by Adobe shows that online 2% of website traffic for the past holiday season can be attributed to social media.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that social isn’t influencing purchasers by any stretch of the imagination. Here are the numbers.


Social’s impact is measurable but there is still a bit of the soft measurement of impact and influence that doesn’t really come out in analytics just yet. This kind of research will give plenty of ammo to the ‘anti-social’ crowd but that’s only if they look at the surface.

What are your impressions of this kind of finding? Does it ring true? Is it misleading? Is it just part of the story?