Android Tablets Denting Apple’s Market Share As Well?

Nexus 7I know I appear to be anti- Apple. I am not. In fact, I have several generations of iPods in my house, a MacBook Pro and I use a Mac Mini as well. If I hate Apple I guess I have a weird way of showing it.

On the phone side though I have become an Android devotee with a Samsung SG3. I have yet to enter the tablet game (yeah I am the one guy left) and while I have to seriously consider the iPad or iPad Mini I am more seriously considering the Nexus 7. According to a report coming from Japan I am not alone by a long shot.

cnet reports

Google’s Nexus 7 is gaining market share in Japan and topped Apple’s iPad in one survey.

Facebook Graph Search: What’s Involved and How Will It Affect SEO’s and Internet Marketers?

159664001SL001_This post comes from our Social Media Channel sponsor Full Sail University.

Just a day ago (Jan 15th), Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg gathered major news media in his company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California to make a huge announcement for what he considers the next major “pillar of the Facebook ecosystem.” I’ve heard rumors and speculation surrounding the media event with talks of a possible smartphone from the social media giant or a redesign of their timeline feature. However, those rumors were quickly put to rest (for now) as Zuckerberg confirmed the inception of Graph Search – Facebook’s new feature that will allow you to perform searches based on their colossal database of what your friends have shared.

It’s a Music Site. It’s a Promotional Platform. It’s Confusing. Meet the New MySpace

MySpace has just pulled the wraps off their brand new redesign. . . again and it’s . . . . confusing is the best word I can come up with at the moment. MySpace is supposed to be a social network and we’ve all heard that the new version will be about music. This is because indie musicians were the last group of people to abandon ship, kind of like the band on the deck of the Titanic.

Here’s the splash screen they unveiled this morning:

new myspace

Twitter Tweaks Posting Tool and Five-O Tweet Results

twitter testTwitter made a few tweaks to their posting tool this week, making it easier to compose your thoughts within the character limit.

The character counter in the lower right corner has been there for awhile. Now they’ve added a pink color bar to highlight the words that are over the limit.  I have no concept of numbers so “-30″ doesn’t mean much to me at a glance. But in this example, I instantly see how many words I need to chop. Doesn’t have to be the highlighted words, but I get a feel for the amount of text that needs to go.

Facebook Must Take the Long View of Its Graph Search

facebook-icon 1In the world of search, we are going to hear about as much about Facebook’s new Graph Search product (which no one really has to use but that hasn’t stopped the speculation about it) as we will about Lance Armstrong. If that doesn’t make you a bit queasy then you are a stronger person than I.

The only thing I see regarding this development from Facebook is that the company is now strong enough to do what Google does. That is, they can take a long term view and let this product develop and change over a long period of time rather than having to knock it out of the park right out of the gate.

More Consumers Are Researching Online and Buying In-Store

Showrooming, the act of researching a product in a store then buying it online, has been a concern for many retailers. It’s not a new concept, but mobile made it a rising trend in 2011. With smartphone in hand, a consumer can test drive the HD TVs, check the reviews online, locate the best price and make the purchase from a different retailer while they’re still standing in the store.

They can – but is that what shoppers are doing?

The Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group surveyed 1,000 US consumers to find out how technology is impacting their shopping behaviors. They published the results in a study called “Catch and Keep Digital Shoppers” and they even made a nifty infographic for us to share.

Here’s the section that caught my eye:

Facebook’s Big Reveal? Graph Search

facebook graphAbout a week ago, Facebook teased the press with the announcement of an upcoming announcement. Many thought it would be the Facebook phone that they keep denying they’re making.

It wasn’t the phone. It was a new discovery engine they call Graph Search.

The “graph” is what Facebook calls the complex set of data and data relationships that are the basis for the network. Graph Search is the ability to search that data according to relationship.

On the lowest level it goes like this:

Instead of searching “trail running” as people other than me might do in a traditional search, a Graph Search query would be “My friends who like trail running.”