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tumblr front pageTumblr may be a blogging platform but you wouldn’t know it from their front page. I don’t know if it was their intention all along but, the free blog site has become known for it emphasis on graphics over text.

Because of this, it attracts an artistic crowd. Fashion, comics, art, architecture, design – they all flourish here. As does visual humor and celeb sites with miles and miles of both legit and manipulated photos.

These numbers tell the story:

tumblr numbers

Yes, it’s a busy place. But for everything they’ve done right, their posting blank has been wrong for so very long. It was long and required too many steps. Photo handling was atrocious, which is ironic given the graphic nature of the site.

Those days are almost over. Tumblr is slowing rolling out a new posting blank that looks more like a social media update tool than a blogging tool – which tells you something.

They’ve streamlined the functions so they fit into one blank that appears right on your dashboard. It also looks like they’ve added the ability to upload multiple photos at once. I don’t have the new functionality yet, so I’m going off the screengrabs from other sites.

Tumblr told TechCrunch the new blank is designed to let you make posts the same way you read them. Faster, cleaner and more intuitive. It’s a small change that will make a big difference.

Do you use Tumblr for business? I’d like to hear about your experience.

  • I do! I also use it for my personal experiences! Together it becomes a tumbling fascination!

  • Alice

    Good sharing!!!

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  • Tumblr is definitely a result of detailed study of artistic and human psychology this is why a little change brings a great difference in the popularity.
    Elegant and simple design makes it more appealing and attractive. Tumblr is definitely not the first site with simple layout and design its just the intelligence of the managing brain that makes use of the correct approach in the right environment to project its simple image over a large group of people.

  • I’m super disappointed that they removed the click-through link for photos. What a stupid mistake. I used to love Tumblr, but I’ve been focusing more on 500px for community.

  • Alice

    Good sharing!!!

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  • Andy

    I love to use two things all over the internet, one is the Tumblr as blogging platform and second to advertise my brands outdoor.

  • Clara Vale

    I LOVED seeing pictures in bugger sizes, but I can’t do this anymore!
    It feels terrible to me ):