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When composing a blog post, you can embed a photo, a video, a chart, a slide show and now an enhanced Tweet!

Twitter has just redesigned their embedded Tweet system so you get more content in an easy to read format. A Tweet embedded on any website now returns the same information you’d see on, including photos, videos and article summaries. It also includes retweet and favorite numbers.

Here’s a sample. I’m using the new Twitter embedded Tweet code for the Tweet about the new Twitter embed code. Got it?

Here’s a better example from Fox’s new show The Following.


If you want to embed a Tweet, click the More link under the text:


And you’ll see something like this:

The Tweet size default is 500px but you can adjust the size by adding a single line of code. You’ll find the instructions here. If you’re using WordPress, the system will do the work for you, just paste the Tweet URL and the embedded Tweet will appear without any additional coding, just like I did it here.

In related news, a new Twitter leader has emerged. According to CNN (yes, the same people who cover wars and disasters), Justin Bieber just surpassed Lady Gaga to become the most-followed person on Twitter.

Bieber: 33,352,546 followers

Gaga: 33,341,190 followers

Still, a pretty close race and it’s possible that as the Bieber fans grow older, they’ll disconnect and give their loyalty over to the queen of pop but at the moment, it’s all Biebs, all the time.

For contrast we have:

The Pope: 1,449,200 vs. Psy (Aka Mr. Gangnam Style): 1,995,473

Barack Obama: 26,199,636 vs. Michelle Obama (as FLOTUS) 185,465 but in all fairness, she only started officially tweeting a few days ago.

What a world, what a world.