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Mashable made an interesting discovery this week when they tried to send a message to Mark Zuckerberg through Facebook. The system offered them a chance to move the message to Mark’s main Inbox instead of the Other (aka SPAM) box for the low, low price of just $100.

mark facebook

I don’t think $100 is too much to ask in order to reach one of the top men in the internet biz. He’s got a lot on his plate and probably doesn’t have time to go through his junk mail. But here’s a chance to put a message right in front of him. He’ll read it. He’ll respond. You’ll become best friends. All for $100. Neat.

If only. . . some people are going to pay the money because it’s worth a shot, right? But according to e-Marketer, most people have no interest in paying even one dollar to make their message more visible. More than half the folks responding to an AYTM survey said they do use Facebook messaging very often or sometimes but 90% said they definitely wouldn’t pay.

emarketer facebook messagingThat’s your average Facebook user. What about businesses? This chart shows that 46% of marketers “respond with private messages on Facebook.”

I don’t like the way that question is phrased. As a social media manager, I respond to private messages sent to the Facebook Page but I don’t send out marketing messages to people who didn’t contact me first.

No matter how you interpret that question, the moment’s over because only half of those people plan to continue the practice.

When you skim down the “Plan to Use in the Next 12 Months” column, you’ll note that almost every option is sliced in half.

The only gain is in the “Nothing” line. In other words, right now 14% of marketers aren’t using any of these social media tactics. Next year, even more marketers are walking away from social media.

I highly doubt that the majority of marketers will give up on Facebook and Twitter altogether, but this chart shows how disillusioned we’ve become with the whole process.

If you knew for sure that your message would be read, how much would you pay to have it delivered through Facebook and who would you send it to?


  • Interesting, but I personally would never pay to speak with Zuckerburg. I doubt he reads them and even if he does, I don’t have much to ask him. If they were to implement it across the board though, that may be interesting.

  • I highly doubt Zuckerberg reads those messages. If he REALLY did, it would be a bargain for $100. But in reality, I think it is akin to lighting a match to $100.