The Copyright Alert System: Six Strikes and You’re Slowed Down

copyright alertThe movie, TV and music industries have a brand new weapon in the fight against digital piracy. It’s called The Copyright Alert System and it’s online now, ready to come down on anyone caught sharing illegally.

Here’s how it works. A studio or artist finds their product on a file sharing server. They notify the Internet Service Provider (ISP) who serves the uploader and the ISP then sends out a warning notice.

The new CAS let’s you have six strikes before you’re out. Then, your service provider (for example, your cable company) can take action by slowing down your internet speed or forcing you to a landing page that requires a chat to remove.

ArsTechnica posted examples of the warning letters as well as their concerns about the process.

Talking B2B: Facebook Drives Traffic, Twitter Drives Leads

one-way-sign2Finding new leads is an integral part of running any business to business business. You can direct mail everyone on a purchased, targeted list, network at a trade show, cold call every business in town . . .

Or you can build a comprehensive website and active social media accounts, then wait for the leads to come to you. Might sound crazy, but according to DemandGen 90% of business buyers say when they’re ready to buy, they’ll find you. 78% of those people will start their search on the web. 50% will turn to social media and peer review sites.

Which “leads” us to today’s topic — which social media site is better for generating quality leads? My guess would have been LinkedIn since it’s so squarely aimed at the business to business community. I would have been wrong. Quoting a study from Optify, eMarketer’s chart shows a different story.

Latest CMO Survey Results Reveal Integration of Social Media Continues to Lag

Professor Christine Moorman of the Duke University Fuqua School of Business has been putting together the CMO Survey since 2008 and it is a fascinating look at how chief marketing officers are evolving as the business world, and marketing in particular, changes at an increasingly rapid pace.

Normally we give you the highlights of the survey which is released every February and August but this year Prof. Moorman put together this great video hitting the highlights. Take a few minutes to watch and listen. It will be time well invested.

Check out the full results of the CMO Survey to get even more insight into how those at the top of the marketing food chain see the overall business and marketing landscape.

Would You Be Surprised If Andrew Mason Survives the Latest Bad News from Groupon?

Teflon ManIt’s not as if we haven’t had enough time to make a decision about Groupon as we have watched it go from overnight sensation to hyped-up sensation to over-hyped sensation to IPO to a dramatic stock tumble to yesterday’s awful performance reports. No one is likely to be surprised by this fall from grace.

What has to surprise many is that CEO Andrew Mason has survived every last bit of this. He has been held up as a golden child on the way up to an immature kid during the fall. However, like a cockroach surviving a nuclear blast he seems to crawl from every bit rubble that Groupon leaves in its wake.

Yelp Calls Mobile ‘A Bit of a Game Changer’

yelp appLast month, consumer review site Yelp hit a milestone – for the first time ever, they had over 100 million unique visitors in a single month. That number doesn’t include the 9.4 million unique users who accessed the site through Yelp’s mobile app.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, CFO Robert Krolik said,

46% of all Yelp searches originated from our app, and that’s of course, a direct consumer relationship. Somebody has already got the Yelp app on their phone, they’re hitting it and kind of going into Yelp and performing a search there. . . So while we’re still happy to have traffic coming from Google or whatever search engine, we’re seeing mobile as being a little bit of a game changer.

Batter Up! MLB Ticketing Via Passbook Grows This Season

MLB At Bat App on iPhonePeople love to put baseball out to pasture with quaint old activities of yesteryear like rocking the summer night away on the front porch with family and regularly sitting at the same table for dinner.

Of course, those folks aren’t paying attention since baseball is likely the leading major sport when it comes to its digital presence. As a purchaser of the MLB.TV Premium service just yesterday I can now experience first hand what it means to get baseball on every device at any time for not a lot of money. It’s pretty cool (although bandwidth issues are a concern, are you listening MLB?).

Another way that baseball is proving its digital chops is the expanded use of Apple’s Passbook for ticketing. GigaOm reports

Year-End Report Shows Spikes in Holiday, iPhone and Live Video Viewing

ooyala live videoOnline video management service Ooyala just released theirĀ 2012 Year-End Video Index Report, which summarizes the video viewing behavior of 200 million unique viewers in 130 countries. I’d say that’s a pretty good sampling, wouldn’t you?

Many of their conclusions are one’s we’ve heard before; more people are watching digital video, more people are watching on their mobile devices. But they also found a few behavioral quirks such as this one:

In Q4 2012, viewers watched live video content 18 times longer on desktops, five times longer on tablets, and four times longer on mobile devices versus VOD content on those same devices.